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  1. shooter22

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    Did you participate in the .22 shoot that your run last all?

    I know it was all just for fun, but I was wondering?
  2. warpig

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    If you mean the postal match we had on TFF. Yes I did.

  3. The Fall Match . . .

    How did that match turn out? Who won? What were the scores, and what kinds of rifle & scopes were used in the match?
  4. Hey!

    Unofficially SG won...but, was disqualified for not sendin' no targets...that's why this time around we'll do a Pic posting match...got my pencil sharpened...[​IMG] ...[​IMG] ...
  5. How Many Shots . . .

    . . . for record on that WalMart target? And is it going to be based on group size or score?

    What is the number or name of that target, so we get the right one. Is is a WalMart target: Right?

    And: What is the size of that red"x" ring and the size of the 10 ring?
  6. Hey Joe!...

    Help me set up all the rules of the match!...;) ...I'm just the best shooter, not the best coordinator...[​IMG]
  7. So: Ya could use some help. (?)

    OK S.G.: First ya need ta set the “course of fire":

    1. What is the distance. You said 50 yards: Right?
    2. Is it going to be benchrest from sandbags? Standing? Shot over a log?
    2. How many shots? 5, 10, 15, 20, 25?.
    3. All on one target? (problems here)
    4. Are you going to measure group size?
    5. Is it going to be a “score” match?

    Now, before you answer those questions:” Consider this:

    If you run a “score” match you make sure everyone can get the right target .
    If you are running a “group” match. the type of target makes no difference.

    For a score match, you make sure everyone KNOWS how to score the target.
    For a group match, you have the shooters MAIL you the targets for measurement.

    If you are shooting a "score" match at 50 yards and you use a single target, some shots will overlap. When two shots cut into each other, over a scoring ring it is difficult to see if one or both cut into the scoring ring of higher value.

    After you decide the “course of fire” I would have some other questions for you to help you “polish up” the details.
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    Sounds like Joe is the man when it comes to organizing these:D

    Welcome to TFF Joe.

    I will try to find the old thread from the last postal match. That one went by score with group size being the tie-breaker.