Play-time in Lawrenceville, GA

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    May 5, 2003
    Okay, so some of you have read my tales involving my buddy Erik. Please allow me to describe my friend Erik:

    Erik is a big guy. A BIG guy. Six-foot three, over 300lbs.

    Yesterday, he showed up at my house about 9:30am to pick me up for a full-auto outing at a local range. We stopped at a nearby QuikTrip to pick up a few items (sodas and Altoids Gum) and headed out.

    When we got there, our first rental was an Uzi. Erik was concerned that the Uzi would be tough to control. Got 100 rounds of 9mm FMJ to feed the little Israeli lead-breathing dragon.

    Erik was pleasantly disappointed. The Uzi was very controllable. Especially nice was the positive grip safety. If you don't grip hard enough, you don't get any bullets coming out the business end. The magazine was wonderfully easy to load, just grab a round and push it down!

    When we ran out of 9mm, we swapped the Uzi for a PPSh and 200 rounds of 7.62X25 Tokarev. The PPSh mag was the 35 round stick, not the 72 round drum (darn!) that you see in games like Call of Duty.

    I loved the PPSh! Fun little sub-gun! Erik, however, hated it with a passion. The ergonomics on this gun were just not right for him. His first attempt to shoot it, he decided to go for a head shot. (typical man-shaped target) Missed the target, hit the target hanger and binder clip! I go trudging back out to the counter to get a new hanger. Come back, we put a new target up, Erik takes aim for another head shot and....HITS THE HANGER AGAIN! This time, he didn't tear up and lose the binder clip, so we could try again. My comment was "Quit trying for the head shot!"

    Erik finishes up the one clip, declares he hates the gun, then lets me finish up the rest of the ammo. I leave 100 rounds unshot so we don't have to pay for it. It's not that I don't like shooting the gun (I do!), it's that the PPSh is a serious pain to reload the magazine.

    I take the PPSh back and see a Ruger Super Redhawk in the rental cabinet in .454 Casull. Hmmm...

    So, I head back into the range area with the Ruger and a box of Winchester 250gr JHP in .454 Casull. My first shot was a WOWZERS! This is a SERIOUS handgun! We had put a Shoot-N-C on the face of the target as an oversize paster (to cover up all the holes that Erik put in the head, he likes headshots) and my second shot was a bullseye on the Shoot-N-C! (My first shot was aimed at the chest. The second was at the head.) I finished up my six rounds, then handed the gun to Erik.

    Erik was NOT happy with the recoil on the .454 Casull! If you don't grip TIGHTLY, it tends to beat on your middle finger, just behind the trigger guard. Erik shot his six rounds, handed it back to me and told me I could shoot the rest of the ammo. I had fun shooting the last eight rounds! I was hitting about 75% of my shots in a 4" circle at about 25 ft. I know, not great marksmanship, but not bad for the first time shooting a monster like that!

    We finished up playing a bit of Eight-Ball (picture of billiard balls in the rack, shoot to see if you get stripes or solids, then trade turns shooting until the game is done. Basic rules similar to playing 8-ball on a pool table. Miss a shot, next player's turn. Hit your opponent's ball that he hasn't already hit, he gets two turns, even if he misses. Hit the 8-ball out of turn, lose the game.) with my Kimber with the .22 slide and barrel on it. Had to sight-in the .22 slide (was shooting low and to the right) but once we had done that, I was able to run the table on Erik!

    Erik and I have both commented that we need to remember to bring a digital camera to these sessions!
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    Thanks for the report. Sounds like you guys had a blast! (pun intended :p) Next time, definitely take a camera!