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    Jan 5, 2008
    My grandfather is WW2 vet and he has some old guns that he needs to know the value of. Some are from the war, some are his hunting guns, and others are just old guns passed down to him from his parents/grandparents. He's making his own will since my grandmother just passed away and he needs to know how much each gun is worth so he can distribute his gun collection equally among all his grandchildren. I will give you as much info as I know on all the guns. Any help at all, even a little bit would be greatly appreciated.

    Here's the list:

    Sears 22 Caliber Air Gun
    Model: 1-C 1930C

    J Stevens Guns Company
    Little Scout 22
    14 1/2"
    Chicopee Falls, Massachussets

    Ithaca Gun Company
    16 Gage 2 3/4 chamber
    Model 37k

    Ranger Model 30
    12 gage

    Remmington 22 Short or Long Rifle (Semi-Automatic)
    Model 550-1

    Japanese (WW2) 25 Caliber Bolt Action (bayonet attached on the end)
    Leather sling
    That's all the info I can figure out about it.

    Double Barrel 12 gage pull back hammer (125 years old)
    All the info I know on this one too.

    Winchester Repeating Arms Company
    Model 68 = 22 (long rifle)
    New Haven, Conneticut

    Savage Armys Company
    Cicoppe, Falls Massacusets
    22 Magnum
    410 gage
    over & under
    model 24

    German Rifle (WW2 I think)
    Model 98

    Winchester Model 37 Steelbilt
    20 gage
    Choke 2 3/4 Chamber
    1 Muzzel Loader

    This is the only picture I have right now, I'll try to get some better ones in the next couple of weeks:

    Thank you.
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  2. Welcome to TFF, Support. Glad to have you with us. :) I moved your thread here to the "Ask the Pros Forum" where you are more likely to get answers. One of the guys with the proper reference materials should be along shortly to help you out.
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    Jan 5, 2008
    Thank you for moving it. Much appreciated.
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    Your Mauser is indeed a WWII 98 . Code 42 is Mauser, Oberndorf 1938-40.
    To determine if it is a Vet bring back, check the stock for a cut that would indicate it was cut to fit in a duffel bag, check the barrel to see if an importer has stamped their name on it.
    Pics would also help determine the value
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    Jan 5, 2008
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    Hi S-T-T.......welcome to TFF. :)

    Lotta guns here, so I'll do a few a keep checking back.

    I also may have some questions on some of 'em to establish a value.

    On the Sears Airgun, can't help you there.

    Stevens Little Scout, #14 1/2 : Standard Catalog Of Firearms says:

    Exc. - $400
    V.G. - $300
    Good - $225
    Fair - $125

    Ithaca Model 37K : ....tough one here. I don't find a 37k listed, and Model 37's were made from 1937 to 1987 in at least 35 different models & grades. Can you give us more info?

    Ranger Model 30: Made for Sears, Roebuck by Stevens. Cross references to the Stevens Model 520. SCOF values it at:

    Exc. - $200
    V.G. - $150
    Good - $125
    Fair - $100

    Remington 550-1 : Blue Book of Gun Values lists it at: (% = amount of original finish left)

    98% - $160
    95% - $110
    90% - $90
    80% - $80

    Japanese (WW2) 25 Caliber Bolt Action : This is an Arisaka Model 38. The actual caliber is 6.5x51Rmm Japanese (.263) The Model 38 and Model 99 (7.7 caliber) were the two primary rifles issued to Jap troops in WWII. Here's some interesting info on your Model 38 and other Arisaka Models:

    IF your Model 38 is all original and complete, here's what the Blue Book says:

    Model 38 Arisaka Rifle :

    98% - $525
    95% - $400
    90% - $300
    80% - $225
    70% - $125

    The bayonet & sling will add somewhat to the value, but I don't know how much.....

    OK.....that's enough for today. Keep checking back....I'll do the rest of 'em tomorrow, or the next day.....or whenever.... :)
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    About the Kar 98k Mauser: I'm not gonna butt in on Xracer, as I'm sure he's definitely going to give you much more knowledgeable prices than I'll be able to. On the Mauser, however, I do have some knowledge.

    The first thing you need to do is what 22WRF suggested: You need to figure out whether or not it has any import marks or a duffle cut. A duffle cut can be hard to detect, and, as far as I've heard, it doesn't detract too greatly from the price of the gun, so I'll ignore that in this post. The issue of the import marks is easy: Is there any writing on the front of the barrel? Not the rear, the front? If your grandfather did, in fact, bring it back during WWII, then there shouldn't be. So, if you don't have any writing on the front of the barrel (an example of which would be something like "TGI GERMANY 8MM...") then you have a lot of money sitting in your lap. Easily $400. Easily.

    What 22WRF said about the markings is true also. All you said was "German Rifle (WW2 I think) Model 98 42=1940." What you need, though, is more than the "42" marking. You need the year marking as well. It should be on top of the receiver, below the 42 marking, somewhere. (I only own late war Kar 98ks. So I haven't got my hands on too many early-war Kar 98ks, so I'm only really familiar with their markings from pictures.) Anyway, as best as I can tell from the picture, your rifle may (and probably does) have the original, flat buttplate stock on it, which is correct for a 42 code production Kar 98k.

    One last thing you want to check is the serial numbers. If they all match, then - without import marks and the original stock - you have a very, very, very valuable rifle, my friend. Do not part with that Kar 98k for any less than $500, would be my advice. Now I can't speak to the condition of the bore, etc., but there are a lot of collectors out there who LOVE to get their hands on what you've got.

    (See, this is where a standard catalog of firearms, etc., doesn't really help you. The value of a Kar 98k has much more to do with its markings - or lack of some, as the case may be - stock, and serial numbers than with bluing. Being in great shape definitely adds a decent amount of money to the gun, but, generally speaking, a non-import Kar 98k WITH the original furniture is VERY valuable.)
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    Speaking as one who has written wills and administered estates for other people, and not as an expert on gun value, I would suggest picking an executory whom you know will be flexible in distributing personal property according to the wishes of the heirs, and allowing the executor to make those decisions. Either that or ask the likely heirs if they'd like to pick any of the guns and give the guns away now. Don't worry so much about keeping things even; it's more important that the heirs can distribute the property the way they want, as long as the executor has sense enough to settle any disputes decisively.

    Oh, and by the way, get a real "trusts and estates" attorney to help with the will - not a criminal defense attorney, and not a form from Staples or Office Depot or something that some software generates - that's a good way to ensure your heirs get bogged down in litigation.
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