Plt. 3129, MCRD San diego 1974

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    Man I can't believe it's been 38 years since I stood on those yellow footprints on the floor. The barber was a comic, asked my how I wanted my hair cut then whacked it all off. I sure do miss my beloved Corps. I didn't serve in country but help with the evacuation when they arrived stateside. Anybody?
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    Clamman, 61 years ago next month I arrived on the Navy side of the bay...The Korean War was being waged, and though I never got into the fracus right there, I was down in the Philppines, building the largest and finest airbase in the far east...Thank You Clamman for your service to our country..Chief

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    I spent 45 days on PI. We unloaded the boat and then had to re-load it. Got word that two Army officers were murdered in the DMZ in Korea. Then, somebody changed their mind and we unloaded it AGAIN. Really enjoyed that place (lol) and also got to do a amphib landing near Brisbane, AU. USS Point Defiance. All got shore leave after that so we headed to Sydney and partied our butts off. Hade the Enterprise as our flagship, and the Aussies woudn't let her dock because she was a nuke.

    '51 in Subic had to be something else! And thank you too for your service Sir!