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    Finding things to do to occupy the hours of the day, are sometimes very taxing. As trivial as it may seem to a busy/working person, I can vouch for the fact that many times the minutes/hours really drag. Anything that may arise out of the ordinary routines of a retired, senior citizen, have to be grappled with like a hard days work used to be. Of course there are a lot of FOX/CNN/MSNBC breaks along the way, you know like waiting for wood glue/varnish to dry so following a quick dip to cool off in the pool, park in front of the tube to partake of the 'on the scene news'. I am as gullible as anyone to watch the police pursuits, usually over in Los Angels it seems---sit there like a fool, cursing someone's utter stupidity, or some other poor souls bad luck, as many times the chase ends in a horrific intersection collision and tragedy. Yesterday there was an unusual car chase over in the Highland Park area of LA/I stress the point, very unusual. The police cruisers could be spotted very easily from the news helicopters by the numbers on the roof of the vehicle---they were following/chasing/pursuing/backing up/going in circles/ with a dark colored sedan driven by a woman. The narrator was saying the woman was a mental case, recently released from treatment (didn't appear to have worked) and the police were following required procedures and rules for pursuit. The car was reported as stolen, and over a period of watching for what seemed like hours, the car did all the aforementioned gigs---oh yes, this lady would stop along side the curb and visit with local onlookers---she would come to a dead stop square in the middle of busy intersections as if she were inviting a crash from another car. I pondered the wisdom of the entire brouhaha. One time while parked in such an intersection, she tore up a bunch of paper (like a phone book) and littered the intersection with it as if daring the police to get her for at least being a litter-bug!! Finally the entire circus come to a climax when a heavy set citizen meandered over to her car window and visited with her for a few moments, opened the car door and slid into the drivers seat---. Nope, not the end of the story yet----a cruiser rocked to a halt in front of the stolen vehicle, and cops bailed out and onto the scene. Seemed to me every one of those law enforcement personnel wanted to 'brown nose' a trifle for the cameras for they yanked that poor woman from her stolen wheels not the least bit delicately. The poor overweight citizen, who had showed up and got into the car with the tettery headed woman, was treated like a bastard child at a family reunion--'shooed' away by some snazzily dressed police officer much like you'd shoo flies off picnic grub!!! You suppose the cops even thought to get the poor yokels name---mention him as being somewhat of a hero. You are indeed right---car chases are potential hazards and here in the Valley of the Sun, we have our share of them that do end tragically. Yesterday though I thought of the old Max Sennet comedies about the KEYSTONE COPS---. I am not recalling this incident to place any blame/fault on law enforcement in general---I cannot help but question the decisions made by the on-scene commander though with that comedy of errors that occurred over such an extended period of time. Another problem I have is how long traffic is tied up when there is and accident or incident---for instance, in the terrible heat of the day, to have traffic tied up sometimes for hours, thereby hazarding those travelers in cars that will stall out from overheating, running out of fuel, medicine, and calls to nature. Yesterday morning for instance, five hours traffic was halted on I-17 and McDowell Road---a terrible tragedy involving a hit-run fatality--I submit to you, get cameras/recording devices out to the scene and clear the site within minutes and not hours like now. Do you have any thoughts on the subject--- do you recall the last time you were hung up in traffic and had to go to the bathroom so badly---and it wasn't just to freshen up? Wilborn
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    Actually Chief, I do remember a few times when I was hung
    up in traffic and had to go, and it ain't no fun I'll tell ya, lol!:D


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    It sure tends to keep you sitting down, doesn't?..or is that the reason I see a lot of people getting in and out of their cars trying to get a look?..........LOL

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    Feb 9, 2001
    Or maybe to get away from their own gas!:D

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