Polishshooter: Scout Mosin Nagant

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by cointoss2, Mar 4, 2003.

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    Hey Polishshooter,

    a post over on GB reminded me of a post there a year or so back where a guy put .22 tip-off mounts on a MN for a Scout set-up. Did you ever get a solution to work for you?

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    Hey Dark, not yet.

    I remember that guy, he private e-mailed me some pics I think, said he was going to let me know how it worked after he shot it quite a bit, but never did...if I have time sometime I'll check my old e-mails and drop him a line...he said ANY .22 rings will fit on the sight base once you drive off the sight...

    But I still don't think it's for me, I don't like the looks of EER scopes...

    I just finished refinishing my "beater" Russian 44, turned out looking pretty fine...got alot of the dings and scratches and gouges out, then stained it dark walnut, which covered up quite a bit if the rest...

    Next stop is function testing it, then for accuracy, then it goes to the 'smith...(have to find one locally first) who I hope can make one of two weaver side-mounts I have tracked down work on it...IF he can mount it, I'm going to put a low end 4X fixed on it and try it out...my goal is to still be able to use strippers, and not screw with the bolt handle...

    Still debating on removing the bayo and grinding the lug...would definitely help the weight and balance, BUT the history nut in me is dragging his feet...

    It's low on the priority though for spending more money on it, at least until I find another job...
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    I know what you mean about taking the bayo and lug off the 44 -- I have 3 of them (2 Russians, 1 Pole) and I keep telling myself that I'll make a scout out of one of them, but can't bring myself to cut up the rifle. I even bought one of those synthetic stocks for it -- and one of those scout scope mounts for the MN -- they're both in the closet, in the boxes they came in -- and both cost more than the Russain M44 did! A buddy has one that he got from some guy in SC that is pretty beat, maybe I'll pick it up cheap and play with it.

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    DarkStar - I am the same way; I got the synthetic stock, bent bolt and scope mount kit, but thet are all still in the original package. There is just too much of the collector in me that won't allow me to alter the guns. I may slightly refinish the stocks and do some spot reblueing, but I just can't bring myself to alter them from their original configuration.
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    Ouch...Just reading this post has caused me to cringe. To hear ya'll thinking about cutting up an ole MN makes me want to go find a corner in my room and curl up in the fetal position until I forget what I have read.....be back in a little while.

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    Ha! So I'm not the ONLY one out there who can't bear to "alter History!"

    I'm even cringeing at the thought of drilling small holes in the reciever to mount the side mount.

    When I first got my CRFFL, I NEVER intended to get into collecting 44s, or any other MN for that matter...I wanted ONE lousy Polish one JUST to make into a "scout," mainly because it would be cool if MY scout was a Pole!

    Then SOG had a monthly special, 5 fer $175 on Poles and Hunkies, I just HAPPENED to have about 2 bills saved up, so I said what the heck, I'll have my CHOICE of ones to cut up and ordered 3 poles, 2 Hunkies...and the rest is history...kept the best Pole, and the best Hunky shooter, and then figured, heck all I need is a Russky and a Romainian and INSTANT collection...then decided to order a few more, then had to have Bobs type53...now I've owned about 16-20 of them, have the Pole, Hunky, a SWEET Romanian, the 53, and 4 Russians, including a nice blonde I refinished, and a sweet laminated...then I thought...

    ...maybe I could cut up a 91/30 and not feel so bad...

    THEN I got into 91/30s, and no matter HOW ratty THEY are THEY have ACTUAL WWII History so they are even WORSE to think about cutting up...and I have owned about a dozen of them, and kept 5 or 6...(I've grown particularly fond of hex transitions, have a 1920, 1929, and a 1931...)(as well as a neat "set" of Ishevsks that look almost identical from 10 feet, one a 41, the other a 43, both with brass, but are neat to compare "clean" pre-war to "rough" wartime up close...)

    The 44 I "intend" to "cut up" I bought as a "parts" gun from SOG for $35...metal is rearsenaled, pretty nice, but the stock was ratty and gouged and handguard cracked...figured NO WAY would I have any qualms...but then again it DOES have a wartime lug, even though it's a 1948...(screw up at rearsenal???) and it's looking pretty sweet now even if the stock contour is changed a little bit ("carved" and "shaped" out a big gouge, but still came out looking neat...) and I still don't know if I can do it...

    Figured I could just remove the bayo and leave the lug so I could put it back on when I felt like it, but then they look stupid with a "naked lug..."

    Hell, might as well leave it on, and carry around the useless weight...maybe I'll have to go hand to hand with a deer someday...

    I may have to just wait until I find a 91/59...THEY at least have "NO" History, and no lug...wish to heck I'd have bought one before they dried up....
    We must make war as we must; not as we would like. - Field Marshal Kitchener, 1915
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