Politician arrested over Twitter call to stone Muslim journalist

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    Jan 11, 2010
    A BRITISH politician has been arrested for writing on Twitter that a female Muslim journalist should be stoned to death.
    Tory councillor Gareth Compton, 38, tweeted, "Can someone please stone Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to death? I shan't tell Amnesty [International] if you don't. It would be a blessing, really."
    He later apologised for the remark, calling it "an ill-conceived attempt at humour", but Alibhai-Brown said it was racially motivated.
    Alibhai-Brown, who writes for British newspaper The Independent, said she regarded the comment as incitement to murder and confirmed she would report Compton to the police.
    "If I as a Muslim woman had tweeted that it would be a blessing if Gareth Compton was stoned to death I'd be arrested immediately," she said.
    A Conservative spokesman said: "Language of this sort is not acceptable and as a result Gareth Compton's membership has been indefinitely suspended pending a further investigation."

    Mr Compton, who represents the party in Birmingham, central England, deleted the original tweet amid the furor. He was bailed following his arrest.
    A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police confirmed a 38-year-old man had been held "on suspicion of sending an offensive or indecent message."

    ok so they locked up a politician for insulting islam ,

    ok i have 6 names of whitehouse staff who have also called for the deaths of folks , mainly tea party and republican activists yes but they called for there deaths so lock em up too

    lock up all the muslims who demand death to Israel and Americia and innocent folks in the west

    no cant do that.. what crap is hppening to this planet ?? what crap will it take to wake folks up ??

    beheadings in the street ??

    Allah al crap bah !!
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    Well, let's see ... flogging for misdemeanors was abolished in England in 1811 - but I don't think there has ever been a statute or decree abolishing stoning over there. So what's the problem? Was the dignity of Her Majesty offended?
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    38 years old, he's still young enough to serve in uniform. If he wants to kill Muslims let him put on a uniform, carry a rifle and shoot at those who are shooting back. Everybody is a stone cold killer behind a keyboard.
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