Poverty???? An Eye-Opener

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  1. firebird

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    Oct 13, 2005
    In the recesses of my little mind...
    I completely agree with you. Further, I have the same frustrations. My point is (and has been) that not everybody is the same and not everything is as it seems.
  2. 1000YardWadcutter

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    Mar 27, 2008
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    WTF poverty is soooo limited. Let me tell you, you don't know poverty till, thru no fault of your own, you're in it!
    Two tours in Nam, PhD, great job and it's lookin good. BOOM! You're injured for life, the other driver never waited for the cops. To make a long story short injuries so severe that over 12 years I lost my house, and every piece of property I owned. I get SS, but an ex-wife who has lifetime spousal support, takes over 1/2 of that per month. Go to court = lose, appeal = lose, state supreme court = lose. Now I find out I am dying at 60. Every f-ing month I have to chose between food and meds. As tyou know economics dictates everything. Am living in one of Phoenix's nastier areas.
    Every month someone trys to rip off my SS. A 1911 kept that from happening; until it was stolen in a jumped from behind in my chair grab
    I'm gonna live
    for another couple of years, but I can't even protect my wife and I from home invaision, etc. The "hood" assumes that I must have some good dope, so I've got victim written on my head. I have so much pain 24/7 that the meds are the only thing that keep me going.
    Thought of sellin my meds so I could buy a .45ACP or a44 spec revolver, but
    can't get by without the meds. **** without my meds, I couldn't aim much less shoot anyone. Damn with my meds I can still do 8 head shots at 20

    Paid my dues, don't want to hear that poverty is a necessary evil in our society. The VA SUXthose MFers

    Forgive me guys, but thanks for lettin me blow off steam.

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  3. Mark

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    Jul 1, 2006
    You know guy's, I can see different sides pretty clearly.

    My dad died a couple years ago, leaving my mom with the house. My mom gets about $600 per month social security. She has cable, and a color TV. She has a phone, not a cell phone. My mom is very wealthy when you consider the house, but she is living from hand to mouth. Yes, my wife and I help her.
    She has a three bedroom house all to herself to rattle around in. (I'll bet that screws up the averages, huh?)
    My mom worked hard all her life, now she's in her 70's.

    Well, what say you to all this? Is this poverty?

    If my wife and I didn't help, she certainly would have to give up the home she's lived in since the late 50's. Is this fair? She's certainly paid her dues.

    Well what do you think?

    IMO, things just grew up around my mom. When you quit working, it seems there's a time warp or something. You just get swallowed up.
  4. Millwright

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    Jun 30, 2005
    Interestng spat !!!

    FWIW, when the "Great Society Food Stamp Pogrom" was being debated it was proposed that supplemental help be confined to staples ala flour, sugar, rice, the cheaper cuts of meats, fresh vegetables and dairy, etc. These would be 'paid for' with the then new 'credit card' that would restrict purchases to permissible items. The liberati shot it down as being 'degrading', as I recall.......And "food stamps" soon became the currency of the drug trade.......

    Firebird, just because some are on board don't assume they're not part of the 'working poor', either.......In at least one state I can name, exceeding its 'poverty level' would require working at least 80 hrs/wk at the state minimum wage.........TBT, the "poor" in the U.S. fare far better than much of the middle class of other nations, let alone their poor. Hell, one can live far better out of a grocery dumpster than most of the world's population. >MW
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