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Discussion in 'Religious Discussions' started by Deputy Dawg, Aug 30, 2012.

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    A local bussiness man here in Victoria had this billboard errected on one of our main strrets here.I support him and his billboard. Some poeple here want it removed. It reads Pray for Obama Psalms109:8. You can go to and read about the sign. The story is on the main page, just scroll down untill you see Pray for Obama.
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    Nov 25, 2011
    The Book of Psalms is a great book. It reflects Godly expressions of every human emotion, and it reflects every aspect of Biblical Theology.

    Those who define Christianity and God in their own terms can't understand that God is a Just God and a Holy God, who has absolute standards of right and wrong, and that there is judgement for those who cross that line from right to wrong. Revelation describes that judgement.

    I really become weary of liberal religious types who try to define God and Christianity on their own terms.

    We all fall into that judgement, but God has given us a free pardon if we receive Jesus Christ as saviour, a free gift.

    The Psalm referred to on the sign is one of the imprecatory Psalms, which give us a Scriptural way of expressing anger. David had a full range of emotions and expressed them all in the Psalms in a way God approved. God has preserved the Psalms over the centuries for our benefit today.

    The prayer is asking for God to do the judging, not man.

    One time he was seething at Nabal (1 Samuel 25) and his prayer was, in effect, "God you get him before I do." God did take Nabal and David was left with a clear conscience.

    Yes, we should pray for our leaders and ask God to rule and over-rule their decisions.
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