pre 70 colt 1911 circa 1960 in 38 super

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  1. i picked this up at the gunshow over the weekend, pre 70 series 1911 colt in 38 super. shot very little. got the paperwork but only a brown cardboard box.
    serial number is 793xx for verification of 1960 date if i was told proper production year by previous owner. i rate pistol in 97% inside and out. when was it made and what is it worth? previous owner said he was the second owner and pistol had 2 mags worth of shells shot down barrel.question is what serial number range did colt use for the so called fat barrel? it makes a difference whether this is a 3rd or 4th model.
    picture doesn't do it justice
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  2. i found a list of serial numbers and it says the pistol was made in 1950 not 1960. what is the serial number range did colt use the FAT barrel? it makes a difference i whether this is a 3rd or 4th model. help please.

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    Man am I JEALOUS!!!

    That is purdy!

    Are you gonna reveal the price?
  4. i have $800.00 in it counting 2 sets of colt grips i bought to go with it.
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    Well, the "fat barrels" changed over to standard size barrels in 1954, starting with Serial #112850. ( ), and I've seen a .38 Super advertised for sale as:

    "COLT GOVT. MOD, .38 SUPER, 5" BLUE. This early "fat barrel" was mfd. about 1952 & has correct Coltguard plastic grips with rampant horse on both sides. This is only about a 90% gun with some wear on slide and thinning finish on front strap & grip safety. Fire blued grip screws have been added. Interesting serial number is: 93333. (proper type 7 mag. is present)......$1250.00" ( )

    If that info is correct.....since yours is an even earlier "fat barrel", I venture to guess that yours is a 3rd Model.

    The Blue Book values the 3rd Model at:

    100% - $1,400
    98% - $875
    95% - $725
  6. thanks a lot, my pistol is in a heck of a lot better shape than that one for $1250.00. and it is older. i think i'll keep it just the way it is.
  7. Sounds like you did real good BHK
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    Blackhawk, we're waiting on a range report; having stolen the gun, 15 rounds won't affect the value much, and inquiring minds await your post!
  9. will shoot it this weekend and give a report.
  10. shot it today and it really likes cast bullets a lot better than the jacketed ones i had. at 17 yards she shot about 2 1/2 inches with jacketed, about 1 1/2 inches with lead. will experiment with different loads. i really like it. won't shoot it a whole lot to keep the value up.
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    I'm green with envy, I've wanted one forever...Do you cast the bullets yourself? Thats something else I've always wanted to do.

    Good looking piece!

  12. no i don't cast bullets yet, just reload. i like the pistol but it won't get shot a whole lot to keep the value up. i have another 38 super it is an older llama made back in the late 30's that has 2 slides with 2 barrels and one is 38 super so i'll shoot it for a range gun and leave the colt in the safe.
  13. Just a few bullets thru it will make the purchase worth it;)
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