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  1. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Mar 20, 2007
    I was just wondering, with a pre-ban gun, could you take it apart and using other gun parts made after the ban, create two guns, using parts of legal pre-ban guns, and new parts? and also if the legal gun breaks, what is the limit to what you can replace on the gun?
  2. bdfinst

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    Dec 17, 2006
    Since there is no ban (nationally), you can do what you like. I chuckle at all of the "pre-ban" rifles I see still at gun shows. The ban expired 3 years ago and is still being used as a marketing ploy. My friends and I use the term to mean "priced way above value".

  3. The current deal about pre ban and post ban is some states won't allow high cap mags unless they are pre ban mags, I have seen people online trade 10 post ban magazines for one pre ban magazine so they can have a high cap in their state
  4. pickenup

    pickenup Active Member

    While the “Clinton” ban of “94” is irrelevant at this time. There are still laws on the books concerning the assembling of some “imported” firearms. You can not use more than 10 imported parts to build these “imported” firearms. If you stick with American made firearms, you'll be OK with changing parts around.
  5. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Mar 20, 2007
    I thought that it was illegal to purchase any fully auto weapons made after 1986. so this is not true?
  6. It is illegal to purchase a post-86 machine gun, Luke that wasn't a ban that was a permanet bill. You can thank the NRA for that bill
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  7. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Mar 20, 2007
    o. so what was the ban that clinton signed banning? and why would the NRA ban automatic weapons? I thought it was a national gun association.
  8. Clinton signed the Assualt Weapon Ban or as I call it the Scary Looking Gun Ban
    I will be the first to say that the NRA has helped us gun owners and continues to help us everyday, But in 1986 the NRA sold out machinegun owners so that we could get ammo delivered to our houses. They made it to where any machine gun made after that date in 1986 could not be transfered to individuals. For it to be tranferable it would have had to have been regestered before 1986
  9. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Mar 20, 2007
    o i c. that sux though. also does anyone know how to and how hard it is to get a class 3 liscence?

  10. Basically you will need to get a 01 FFl which is a regular FFL first, Which can be a pain in the but, It would be easier to get a 07
  11. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Mar 20, 2007
    what is a 07?
  12. An 07 is a Machine Gun manufacters llicense, You are allowed to make machine guns for law enforcement and dealers, One of the perks of being a manufactor is that you can shoot and enjoy any gun you make, and you can make you a little money selling to Class III dealers. But before you were to ever go out of buisness you would have to turn them in or sell them
  13. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Mar 20, 2007
    thats stupid that you would have to turn in your own guns lol. i so i guess if you made 1 gun every 10 yrs...... lol
  14. gopguy

    gopguy New Member

    Jun 29, 2007
    Hi gang, new here but been collecting guns for thirty years.

    There seems to be some confusion over what exactly preban means and also the manufacturing ban on machine guns.

    Since I lived through this lets hit it in order. The manufacturing ban on machine guns was slipped into the Firearm owners protection act in 1986. This was done by democrats on the House floor while few people were there and it was done on a voice vote. The NRA who had labored long to get the FOPA thought the US Supreme Court would rule the manufacture ban of machine guns for civilian use unconsititutional. They advised President Reagan to go ahead and sign the bill into law and let the courts fix the ban. Well that was 21 years ago. A mistake, yes, but they really thought the courts would throw it out. So it was not malicious.

    Semi Auto bans. There were two. The first was in 1989 and only dealt with imported firearms. That still stands as it was permanent. You have two culprits. The President Bush (the elder's) "Drug Czar" William Bennett temporarily banned the import of so called assault weapons while the issue was to be studied. This was because of a mass shooting in Stockton California in a school yard. Patrick Purdy killed several children using a semiauto Norinco AK with the word Hezbollah carved in the butt stock. However in days following Bennett's temp ban, the US Congress, again majority democrat, stepped in and made the import ban permanent by passing a law to ban further importation of the guns.

    1994 Bill Clinton and the democrat congress passed a ban on all semiautomatic "assault weapons" using a nebulous description of what an assault weapon was. This ban sunset in 2004. Prior to that Bill Clinton by executive order with Secretary of the Tresury Lloyd Benson banned a number of different types of shotguns as destructive devices...

    With the sunset in 2004 many so called assault weapons made in the US are back. The AR 15 derivitives and so forth quickly come to mind as does the Springfield Armory M1A copy of the M14. While they were still made during the ban, they were defanged of bayonet lugs and flash hiders.
    However some great guns that were imported like the original Steyr AUG, Beretta BM59,BM62, AR70 Daewoos from Korea, HKs from Germany. Original FN FAL, FNC etc...I can go on and on about the foreign guns. We will not see those from those makers until the law is over turned. With the Dems running both chambers of congress again and the prospect of President Hillary or Obama after 2008...forget it. So get out to vote the right way.

    So when you see the term preban, if it is an imported arm, that is not copied in the US, the issue and term is still quite valid. I also find many of the US copies with their required US made parts to be found wanting in many areas... So before you go arguing with someone at a gun shop or gun show using the term preban, know what you are looking at.;)
  15. Crpdeth

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    Apr 23, 2002
    Location location
    Enjoied the post GOP...

    Welcome to the forums, hope you stick around and post often!

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