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  1. since the preban law has ended,whats the difference now that you can buy all the whiz bangs to legally make a preban.did the value of prebans fall because of it old semperfi
  2. whats up folks,afraid to answer because it will devalue pre-ban guns. old semperfi

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    Nov 10, 2009
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    Depends on which state you are in...places like Kommiefornia, New Jerky, New Yukk, and Ill&dead still have bans.
  4. zant

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    Sep 24, 2009
    My understanding(and I could be wrong)is that any firearm sold as a"postban"94-04 cannot have any banned features...such as stock,bayo lug,etc....
  5. Pre ban mags and guns are still up in value in NY. The Republican Gov. signed a bill in 9/04 that mirrored the 1994 "assualt weapons"?? ban but grandfathered high cap. mags.


    Jan 28, 2009
    Preban is a misuderstood term. The original ban was 1989 imports. The ones after were simply modified to meet the requirements.

    The effect of the 1989 ban did little to effect pricing on pre1989 imports. Since they will never appear in this country again in "original" form, they`re price has done nothing but climb and will continue to do so. Whats a pre89 HK worth/Sig 556/Sig beerkeg308/Belgium FNFAL and the countless pre89 AKS, just to mention a few. Price a pre1989 Sig 556 and then price a incountry........I think reality will strike hard.

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    Good to see you LTS.

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    MA still has a ban also - just figured i would throw it in there.
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    What's your problem?

  10. Jim88

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    What many do not know or understand from what I see on the internet forums.....

    Is the fact that people refer to pre-ban and post-ban thinking there was only one importation ban. There are actually 2 (two). There was one in 1989 and another in 1998.

    Now keep in mind the precursor to the 1998 ban by Billy boy was a document signed on November 15, 1997. This was a temporary halt. The final ban was on April 6, 1998.

    Example: Not all Maadi’s imported AFTER 1989 are put together Frankenstein’s. The 1995-1997 made Maadi’s are the REAL DEAL Egyptian made muzzle to stock AK47’s using original Russian equipment and blueprints. These rifles may also say MISR S/A and AKM (MISR means "land" or "Egypt" in Egyptian) on the receivers. BUT, they are NOT the inferior MISR 10 (single stack) or MISR 90 rifles using Chinese/Egyptian combo, or USA parts. The best ones will have a capped threaded muzzle, all the metal will have black paint finish, thumbhole stock, and accept hi-cap mags./drums.

    These ’95 to ’97 (pre'98) are the CHOICE rifles to have, ARE AK STANDARD PATTERN! and are the closest to a true Russian AK. In addition, all military produced AK parts are interchangeable. - - The MAADI is only one step below the POLY TECH LEGEND series AKS who is king.

    "If you have an interesting AK that was assembled in the original country as a complete firearm such as an Egyptian Maadi, it is worth the money and effort just to say you own one, as these have always been considered the most authentic and closest to the Soviet AK-47s. Plus, it was assembled by the original Maadi AK factory team, not by some minimum wage worker for some large gun importer and distributor. This, if for no other reason, makes your post ban Maadi worth more than you think."

    Nothing has changed from the facts on the Egyptian Maadi's made pre-98, MAK90's or Poly Tech's. What has changed are the imported AK47 style rifles as of late.

    WASR10: This is basically an AK47 wanna be. It is manufactured without care to strength. It is a Romanian -AK imposter. Made to take single stack magazines, missing the mag dimples, and the mag well is then reamed out here in the U.S. to accommodate the 30 rounders, and other high caps. The integrity of the rifle was minimal to begin with, and after reaming becomes a dangerous device. One exploded on a man not too long ago and he spent 3 hours picking shrapnel steel out of his face, arms and neck.
    Stay away from WASR10's.

    Next we have the-

    Saiga AK47: This is another AK47 wanna be. It has vast differences in structure compared to the tried and true AK47 design. Even though made in Russia by IZHMASH Arsenal, the trigger mech. is set back on end of receiver, and thus no pistol grip. The forend/gas tube configuration is not AK standard. The Saiga magazines have an added ramp. This rifle will NOT take standard AK mags. The conversion for pistol grip and AK mags, are a waste of time and money. It leaves you ending up with a jerry rigged rifle, that still has not transformed into one that can accept interchanged AK47 parts.

    Conclusion: If you are looking for a true AK47? Then save the bucks and buy an Egyptian Maadi (pre-98 w/threaded barrel), Norinco MAK90 (complete not Frankenstein MAK90 with Maadi receiver called MISR 90) or Poly Tech and you'll be satisfied. They will never get any cheaper. If you don't? You will always say to yourself, "I should have just waited and saved for the real deal". Don't you want to avoid the "I should of, could of, would of's"?
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    I should have never sold my Poly underfolder....
  12. coreyask1304

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    i think that the 922r comliance law doesnt apply to the pre-ban sks you dont have to be concerned about doing mods on it like stocks mags and depends on your state law on mag capacity,or a fixed the state of michigan where im from you can have any capacity detachable mags you want.any thing that is 30 inches or less with the stock closed is a hand gun.rifle barrels have to be 16 inches or more,shotguns have to be 18 inches or more.i love michigan coreyask1304
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