Preliminary Militia Alert

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  1. Shizamus

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    Jun 27, 2001
    September 12, 2003

    Rick Stanley
    Constitutional Activist
    Phone: 303-329-0481


    Stanley Scoop 09/12/03 ** Special Edition **
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    ** Scoop Archive: **
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    Subject: Preliminary Militia Alert

    Rick Stanley, Constitutional Activist, former U.S. Senate candidate, Enemy of
    the State, and self avowed extremist on the order of our forefathers of America,
    gives the following media release:

    This preliminary Militia Alert for the Mutual Defense Pact 2nd American
    Revolution Militia is in regard to the press release, immediately following this
    alert. Two of our Pact members in Boyne City, Michigan may come under attack
    soon. This is a bonafied constitutional defense issue.

    The Pact member is Lyle Barkley. Address is 04906 Camp Daggett Rd. Boyne City,
    Michigan 49712. Lyle's email is Phone is 1-231-582-2515 or
    1-231-582-0039. Cell phone for Lyle is 1-231-675-8807.

    Directions as follows:

    From Boyne City, Michigan - North on Lake Street runs into C56 to Horton Bay 5
    miles to Sumnerr, right 1/2 mile to caution stop sign Camp Daggett Rd, right 1/8
    mile on left blue pole barn. Potential Militia Alert for September 18, 2003 and
    beyond, until called off.

    Prepare to leave for the site. All individuals of the Pact begin infrastructure
    attacks in the area of Boyne City that have this expertise. All others surround
    the property site, outside of the perimeter established by the aggressors, once
    the _EMERGENCY ALERT_ has been posted. Pick your targets, find a cover site
    with protection, lay down your cover fire to defend our Militia Pact brethren.
    Protect yourself. Defend yourself with force of arms. Defend yourself with
    force of arms on the way to the alert site. Do not be arrested. Do not accept
    searches. Do not go_through_ road blocks, go _around_. Get out and walk the
    area till you find your defensive position, with clear fire path to the
    aggressors. Obtain high ground position if possible. Bring a cover tarp for
    camouflage from the air. Lyle is bulldozing berms around his property for
    defense. Do not attempt to go inside the property. Defend against aggressors
    only. Do not accept arrest. Do not surrender. Remember, when you have been called
    it is because Lyle has been attacked with force of arms and a standoff has occurred.
    At this point _after_ the EMERGENCY ALERT has been called, there will be no
    negotiation, commence the defense of our pact member with all of the force of
    arms you can muster. Remember Waco, Ruby Ridge, Rainbow Farms and Scott
    Woodring. These thugs (aggressors) are ruthless. They give no quarter. They will
    give you none. Give no quarter.

    Keep this information. Do not destroy. The Emergency Alert may not have this
    information, or it may. _Prepare_ to leave right now. _Do not leave_ until the
    _Emergency Alert_ is posted.

    The Michigan Militia has agreed to have up to 150 members on site for the
    initial defense, and will defend and continue to defend as the Pact arrives,
    hour by hour, from across America.

    After the encircling line of Pact members has secured the perimeter, and our Pact
    members have returned from infrastructure destruction missions, we will decide
    the best possible plan to free our Pact brethren under attack. The command
    structure will be given by contact through your cell phones if you provided that
    info. If you did not, buddy up with those that do have their cell phones.

    Bring everything you have, be prepared for at least a 10 day siege, with water,
    food, sleeping gear, gas masks, weapons, ammo, and additional gear, clothing,
    etc. Until then, here is a list of people to phone, e-mail, contact and let
    them know the Pact will come, with force of arms, if they do not back down.
    Remember we will turn Boyne City, Michigan into the center of the universe. The
    media will be forced to cover the event, the government and their actions will
    come under microscopic scrutiny, and this action will be historic, if the Pct
    must come. This must be done first. Help us. We do not want to be forced to
    defend. We have backed them down before, we can again.

    Remember, when you get the Emergency Alert - go to the site. There will be 150
    Michigan Militia defenders, and if everyone in the pact shows: 670 Pact members.
    I urge any American Patriot across America to come and join with us in the pact
    defense of or militia brethren. Remember we are all militia.

    Phone numbers to contact immediately for alert:

    90th District Court Charlevoix County
    301 State St
    Charlevoix MI 49720
    Judge May
    Ph: 547-7227
    Fax: 547-7253

    Charlevoix Area Sheriff
    George Lasater
    1000 Grant St.
    Charlevoix MI 49720
    Ph: 547-4461
    Fax: 237-0442

    Charlevoix County Clerk Office
    203 Antrim St.
    Charlevoix, MI 49720
    Ph: 547-7200

    State Senator
    Jason Allen
    PO Box 30036
    Lansing, MI 48909-7536
    Ph: 517-373-2413
    Fax: 517-373-5144

    US Congressman
    Bart Stupak
    2352 Rayburn Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Ph: 202-225-4735
    Fax: 202-225-4744

    Information and application to join the Pact is at Rick Stanley's Constitutional
    Activism website at Rick's email address is, and can be reached by phone at 303-329-0481 or by fax at

    Long live the fighters.


    Luke 22, verse 36:

    "But now one who has a money bag should take it, and likewise a sack, and
    one who does not have a sword should sell his cloak and buy one." Jesus

    * Prepare*Organize*Lock&Load*Defend*
  2. 1952Sniper

    1952Sniper New Member

    Aug 22, 2002
    I've been keeping an eye on this story. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  3. Zigzag2

    Zigzag2 Guest

    I questioned an Indiana Gentleman in the know, and his reply was...

    *names were changed to protect the innocent* :D
  4. pickenup

    pickenup Active Member

    Sep 11, 2002
    Colorado Rocky Mountains
    These two did what???
  5. 1952Sniper

    1952Sniper New Member

    Aug 22, 2002
    This was the original story that I saw, from the Sierra Times:
    It is unclear to me exactly what the story is. If Mr. Barkley is acting within his rights and according to his permit, then I agree with the notion of fighting it out. But if he violated his permit, then I don't see what the hubbub is about.

  6. Shizamus

    Shizamus New Member

    Jun 27, 2001
  7. 1952Sniper

    1952Sniper New Member

    Aug 22, 2002
    Thanks for the additional info, Shizamus!
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