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Preliminary Militia Pact Alert

Discussion in 'The Fire For Effect and Totally Politically Incorr' started by Shizamus, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. Shizamus

    Shizamus New Member

    Jun 27, 2001

    Rick Stanley, Constitutional Activist, former U.S. Senate candidate, Enemy of
    the State, and self avowed extremist on the order of our forefathers of America,
    gave the following media release for your use:

    A PRELIMINARY PACT ALERT is being issued today to try and prevent a Mutual
    Defense Pact action in Denver and Thornton, should these two cities issue bench
    warrants for jail time in Denver of 6 months for refusing the ankle bracelet
    monitoring for 30 days by Denver Police and the $675.00 charge for monitoring on
    top of the $629.00 fine Stanley has paid and the 75 hours of community service
    Stanley already did for the Disability Center for Independent Living, and
    refusing to do the 90 days of jail in Thornton Adams County. Rick Stanley
    steadfastly remains resolute that he will not be jailed for EXERCISING HIS
    has a hearing at 1:30 PM on October 15, 2003 at which time they will either
    overturn this conviction on the grounds that it is unconstitutional as per the
    SB-25 legislative ruling regarding the unconstitutional ordnances of cities like
    Denver and Thornton in regard to open carry, or issue a bench warrant for
    Stanley. Denver will be issuing an arrest warrant on October 20, when Stanley
    refuses to show up and pay for his ankle bracelet monitoring, as well as letting
    them install it.

    Stanley DEMANDS, not asks, that his Constitutional Rights be upheld in these two
    cases, because he has been through the courts all the way to the Federal
    District Courts only to be turned down for technicalities when the BIG ISSUE,
    continues to be left in place. How can Stanley be guilty of exercising his
    Constitutional Right to openly carry a weapon, when he did no harm to anyone,
    and no one complained that he caused no damage to anyone or anything? This is a
    victimless crime, a crime against the state. These two cities have unlawfully,
    illegally, and unconstitutionally conspired to find Stanley guilty in their
    Kangaroo Courts of the crime of EXERCISING HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. If they
    can do this for one right, they can and do it, against all of our rights.
    Rights are not PRIVELAGES, they are RIGHTS, guaranteed and protected by those
    Constitutions, regardless of what these rogue Judges say. They must overturn
    these convictions.

    The Colorado Practice of Criminal Practice and Procedure Post Conviction
    remedies at 21.60 Changes in Law and Amendatory Legislation states that a
    defendant may file a motion for post conviction relief upon the ground that
    there has been a significant change in the law since defendants conviction or
    sentence. The legislation of SB-25 does not CHANGE the law, the Supreme Law of
    Colorado, the Colorado Constitution, backed by the US Constitution, 2d Amendment
    right, it demands that cities respect the State Constitution right to keep and
    bear arms OPENLY anywhere in the state of Colorado. These two cities are
    refusing to overturn these cases, and in both judges cases, in OPEN DEFIANCE of
    the oath of office to defend the Constitutions,
    which they both swore to in order to be sitting on the bench as a judge anywhere
    in Colorado. This will not stand. The Pact is on PRELIMINARY ALERT to come and
    defend if Stanley is attacked with the intention to arrest or harm him, and
    Stanley repels their attack in stand-off, asking the Pact to respond to his aid.

    The directions to Stanley's Warehouse/office/loft complex is at 6280 E. 39th Ave
    Denver, Colorado. The directions from I-25 and I-70 are thus: Take I-70 East
    to the Quebec exit, turn south (left) and veer to the right off the main Quebec
    road to the service road and turn right at Smith Road which is a few blocks from
    I-70. Turning right, you will be going West about 8 blocks or so, turning left
    (south) on Monaco, go one block to E. 39th Ave and turn right on 39th (west) go
    past the first small building on the left hand side of the street, go further
    to the third LARGE building PAST the small building on the left, it is a red and
    white building with a sign saying STANLEY FASTENER & SHOP SUPPLY.

    Do not go to the site until an EMERGENCY Pact Alert is called by Stanley. If
    attacked, Stanley will arrange for a message to go out. If Stanley is attacked,
    guerilla warfare tactics by all of the individuals in the Pact is to commence.
    Do not negotiate at this time. There will be no central meeting place for the
    Pact. Come as an individual, defend as an individual. Surround the building as
    far out as must be done and begin to attack the individuals attacking Stanley in
    position around his building. There are 8 industrial buildings around
    Stanley's building. Obviously, high ground position would be important in this
    endeavor. Do not try and come into Stanley's property, unless the police and
    government agents have been driven off. Stanley will be defending with force of
    arms. Guaranteed. We do not want this to happen, that is why, the politicians
    are listed below to contact to demand that these unlawful convictions be

    This is the Pact contact list to e-mail, write letters, and call to demand the
    Unconstitutional convictions be overturned by these two judges of these two
    cities. The Governor can issue a pardon. Anyone outside the Pact, your help
    will be appreciated for supporting letters, e-mails and phone calls to stop the
    illegal actions by government.

    Mayor John Hickenlooper
    Phone: 720-865-9000
    Fax: 720-865-8787
    Email: MileHighMayor@ci.denver.co.us
    Denver City and County Bldg.
    1437 Bannock Street, Suite 350
    Denver, CO 80202

    Mayor Noel Busck
    Work Phone: 303-538-7201
    Home Phone: 303-451-8905
    Email: Noel.Busck@cityofthornton.net
    City of Thornton
    9500 Civic Center Drive
    Thornton, CO 80229

    Governor Bill Owens
    Voice Mail: 303-866-2471
    Fax: 303-866-2003
    Email: governorowens@state.co.us
    136 State Capitol
    Denver, CO 80203-1792

    House of Representatives Colorado
    200 E. Colfax Rm 246
    Denver, CO 80203
    Speaker of the House - Lola Spradley
    Phone: 303-866-2346

    House of Representatives Colorado
    200 E. Colfax Rm 246
    Denver, CO 80203
    House Majority Leader - Keith King
    Phone: 303-866-2348

    House of Representatives Colorado
    200 E. Colfax Rm 222
    Denver, CO 80203
    House Minority Leader - Jennifer Viega
    Phone: 303-866-5523

    House of Reps:

    Gayle Berry
    Phone: 303-866-2910
    Email: gayle.berry.house@state.co.us

    Alice Borodkin
    Phone: 303-866-2910
    Email: alice.borodkin.house@state.co.us

    Betty Boyd
    Phone: 303-866-2923
    Email: betty.boyd.house@state.co.us

    Bob Briggs
    Phone: 303-866-2950
    Email: bob.briggs.house@state.co.us

    Greg Brophy
    Phone: 303-866-2906
    Email: greg@gregbrophy.net

    Dorothy Butcher
    Phone: 303-866-2968

    Bill Cadman
    Phone: 303-866-5525
    Email: bill.cadman.house@state.co.us

    Terrance Carroll
    Phone: 303-866-2909
    Email: terrance.carroll.house@state.co.us

    Michael Cerbo
    Phone: 303-866-2911
    Email: m.cerbo@att.net

    Lauri Clapp
    Phone: 303-866-5510

    Mark Cloer
    Phone: 303-866-3069

    Fran Coleman
    Phone: 303-866-2966
    Email: fran.coleman.house@state.co.us
    Bill Crane
    Phone: 303-866-2962
    Email: bill@billcrane.org

    Richard Decker
    Phone: 303-866-2946
    Email: Richard.decker.house@state.co.us

    Rob Fairbank
    Phone; 303-866-2927
    Email: rob.fairbank.house@state.co.us

    Kjerry Frangas
    Phone: 303-866-2954
    Email: kjerry.frangas.house@state.co.us

    Michael Garcia
    Phone: 303-866-3911
    Email: michael@michaelgarcia.info

    Dale Hall
    Phone: 303-866-2943
    Email: dale.hall.house@state.co.us

    Ted Harvey
    Phone: 303-866-2936

    Lynn Hefley
    Phone: 303-866-2924

    Mary Hodge
    Phone: 303-866-2912
    Email; mary.hodge.house@state.co.us

    Diane Hoppe
    Phone; 303-866-3706
    Email: diane.hoppe.house@state.co.us

    Cheri Jahn
    Phone; 303-866-5522
    Email: cheri.jahn.house@state.co.us

    Ramey Johnson
    Phone; 303-866-2951
    Email: ramey.johnson.house@state.co.us

    Joel Judd
    Phone; 303-866-2925
    Email: joel.judd.house@state.co.us

    Keith King
    Phone: 303-866-2348
    Email: keith@keithking.org

    Mark Larson
    Phone; 303-866-2914

    Don Lee
    Phone: 303-866-2939
    Email: don.lee.house@state.co.us

    Kevin Lundberg
    Phone: 303-866-2907
    Email: Kevin@kevinlundberg.com

    Alice Madden
    Phone: 303-866-2915
    Email: alice.madden.house@state.co.us

    Colorado State Senators

    Norma Anderson
    Phone#1 303-866-4859
    Email: norma.anderson.senate@state.co.us
    Phone#2 303-986-0397

    John Andrews
    Phone#1 303-866-3342
    Phone# 2 303-770-8215
    Email: john.andrews.senate@state.co.us

    Ken Arnold
    Phone# 1 303-866-4875
    Phone# 2 303-466-2666
    Phone # 3 303-866-4876
    Email: ken.arnold.senate@state.co.us

    Bruce Cairns
    Phone# 1 303-866-3432
    Phone#2 303-693-6089
    Phone#3 303-866-3432
    Email: bruce.cairns.senate@state.co.us

    Ken Chlouber
    Phone# 1 303-866-4869
    Phone # 2 1-719-486-0000\8
    Phone# 3 303-866-4869
    Email: ken.chlouber.senate@state.co.us

    Jim Dyer
    Phone#1 303-86-4866
    Phone # 2 303-795-3594
    Phone #3 303-866-4866
    Email jim.dyer.senate@state.co.us

    Lewis Entz
    Phone#1 303-866-4871
    Phone # 2 1-719-754-3750
    Phone# 3 303-866-4871
    Email: lewis.entz.senate@state.co.us

    John Evans
    Phone#1 303-866-4881
    Phone#2 303-840-3279
    Phone#3 303-866-4881
    Email: john.evans.senate@state.co.us

    Joan Fitz-Gerald
    Phone#1 303-866-4873
    Phone#2 303-526-2052
    Phone#3 303-866-4873
    Email: joan.fitzgerald.senate@state.co.us

    Ken Gordon
    Phone#1 303-866-4876
    Phone#2 303-866-4876
    Email: ken.gordon.senate@state.co.us

    Peter Groff
    Phone#1 303-866-4865
    Phone#2 303-355-8969
    Phone#3 303-866-4864
    Email: peter.groff.senate@state.co.us

    Dan Grossman
    Phone#1 303-866-4852
    Phone#2 303-355-4219
    Phone#3 303-866-4852
    Email: dan.grossman.senate@state.co.us

    Bob Hagedorn
    Phone#1 303-866-4879
    Phone#2 303-367-1994
    Phone#3 303-866-4852
    Email: SenBob@msn.com

    Deanna Hanna
    Phone#1 303-866-4857
    Phone#2 303-987-1449
    Phone#3 303-866-4857
    Email: deanna.hanna.senate@state.co.us

    Mark Hillman
    Phone#1 303-866-6360
    Phone#2 1-719-346-7689
    Phone#3 303-866-6360
    Email: mark.hillman.senate@state.co.us

    Phone#1 303-866-4884
    Phone#2 970-385-7664
    Phone#3 303-866-4884
    Email: isgarsenate@frontier.net

    Steve Johnson
    Phone# 1 303-866-4853
    Phone#2 970-223-8045
    Phone#3 303-866-4853
    Email: steve.johnson.senate@state.co.us

    Ed Jones
    Phone#1 303-866-6364
    Phone#2 1-719-839-0798
    Phone#3 303-866-6364
    Email: ed.jones.senate@state.co.us

    Moe Keller
    Phone#1 303-866-4856
    Phone#2 303-425-0130
    Phone#3 303-866-4856
    Email: moe.keeler.senate@state.co.us

    Ken Kester
    Phone#1 303-866-4877
    Phone#2 1-719-456-0603
    Phone#3 303-866-4877
    Email: ken.kester.senate@state.co.us

    Doug Lamborn
    Phone#1 303-866-4835
    Phone#2 1-719-481-3387
    Phone#3 303-866-4835
    Email: doug.lamborn.senate@state.co.us

    Ron May
    Phone#1 303-866-2737
    Phone#2 1-719-591-2330
    Phone#3 303-866-2737
    Email: ronmay@ronmay.org

    Phone# 303-866-4866
    Phone#2 1-719-473-9400
    Phone# 3 303-866-4866

    Alice Nichol
    Phone#1 303-866-4863
    Phone#2 303-287-7742
    Phone#3 303-866-4863
    Email; alice.nichol.senate@state.co.us

    Phone#1 303-866-4866
    Phone#2 970-330-9600
    Phone#3 303-866-4866

    Terry Phillips
    Phone#1 303-866-5291
    Phone#2 303-666-9488
    Phone#3 303-866-5291
    Email: terry.phillips.senate@state.co.us

    Peggy Reeves
    Phone#1 303-866-4841
    Phone#2 970-482-8952
    Phone#3 303-866-4841
    Email: peggy.reeves.senate@state.co.us

    Paula Sandoval
    Phone#1 303-866-4862
    Phone#2 303-455-2190
    Phone#3 303-866-4862
    Email: paula.sandoval.senate@state.co.us

    Stephanie Takis
    Phone#1 303-866-4855
    Phone#2 303-343-8303
    Phone#3 303-866-4855
    Email: stephanie.takis.senate@state.co.us

    Denver City Council Members
    City and County Bldg
    1437 Bannock St. Rm 451
    Denver, CO 80202

    Rick Garcia District #1
    fx: 303-458-4791
    addy: 2785 Speer Blvd Ste 246
    Denver, CO 80211

    Jeanne Faatz District #2
    fx: 303-763-8564
    addy: Bear Valley Shp Ctr 3100 S. Sheridan Blvd# d
    Denver Co 80227

    Rosemary Rodriguez Districtk#3
    Fx 303-937 4651
    Addy: 69 Knox Denver, CO 80219

    Peggy Lehmann District #4
    fx: 303-504-5786
    addy: 6740 E. Hampden Ave Ste 302
    Denver CO 80224

    Marcia Johnson District #5
    fx: 303-355-4127
    addy; 6740 E. Colfax Av
    Denver CO 80220

    Charlie Brown
    fx: 303-698-4908

    Kathleen MacKenzie Dist #7
    Addy City& Cty bldg
    1437 Bannock St Rm 451
    Denver CO 80202

    Elbra Wedgeworth Dist#8

    Judy Montero Dist #9
    fx: 303-458-4789
    Addy: 2828 Speer Blvd Ste 111
    Denver CO 80211

    Jeanne Robb Dist#10
    fx: 303-377-1902
    Addy: 1232 E. Colfax Av Denver, CO 80218

    Michael Hancock Dist#11
    fx: 303-331-3872
    Addy: 4730 Oakland St Ste 200
    Denver CO 80239

    Doug Linkhart Councilman at large
    fx: 720-865-8003
    addy: City and Cty bldg 1437 Bannock St # 451
    Denver CO 80202

    Carol Boigon - Councilwoman at Large
    fx: 720-865-8103
    addy: 1437 Bannock St Rm 451
    Denver, CO 80202

    County Judges - Denver

    Denver City and County Bldg
    1437 Bannock St Room 108
    Denver, CO 80202

    Judge Robert L. Patterson
    Courtroom 151P
    City & County Bldg
    1437 Bannock St Room 256
    Denver, CO 80202

    Thornton Municipal Court
    9500 Civic Center Drive
    Thornton CO 80229
    Phone: (303) 538-7285/
    Fax: (303) 538-7429

    Thornton City Council Member
    Erick Hanson Ward IV
    Phone 303-538-7531
    Email: Erik.Hansen@cityofthornton.net

    Sheila Fushimi

    Ward 1 Councilman
    Carol Beckler
    email: Carol.Beckler@cityofthornton.net

    Ward I Councilman
    Bill Zulauf
    email: bill.Zulauf@cityofthornton.net

    Ward II Councilman
    Carol Norberg

    Jo Thorne

    Ward II Councilman
    Rebecca Cavanaugh-Miller

    Martin Wisniewski

    Judicial Department - Colorado
    2 E. 4th Ave Denver, CO 80203

    Supreme Court 303-861-1111
    Fx: 303-861-7429
    Clerk: Mac Danford

    Court of Appeals: 303-861-1111
    Fx: 303-837-3702
    Clerk: Patrick Stanford

    Judicial Districts

    2nd: - 303-640-1744
    1437 Bannock St Denver CO 80202

    Denver County Court - 303-640-2691

    District Attorneys:

    2nd Judicial District: 303-640-5176
    303 W. Colfax Av RM 1300 Denver, CO 80204
    fx: 303-640-3180
    DA: William Ritter


    October 2, 2003

    Rick Stanley
    Constitutional Activist
    Phone: 303-329-0481
    E-mail: rick@stanley2002.org
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