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    Apr 18, 2009
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    Went to a local gunshow today and found that one of the vendors had a table full of primers (LP and 209's), he told me that primers are starting to come through now. He currently has 1 million on order and they're starting to show up. He said that most of the manufactuers are running 24/7 to fill back orders.

    It appears that (from talking to him) that the sudden demand for components caught all of the suppliers off guard and the supply chain was quickly depleted. We both agreed that most of the users were buying what thought they might need, and not actually what they really needed, this caused the supply problem.

    What also was nice, his price was $32.00 for LP's and $36.00 for 209's (per K), it's nice to see someone not taking advantage of a situation. (I've recently seen some seller on another popular forum asking $82.00 per K)

    Hopefully things are changing.....

    Also picked up a set of new RCBS 45ACP Carbide Dies for $20.00, now that was a deal....
  2. glocknut

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    Now if only the brass situation would catch up with demand.... :(


  3. tEN wOLVES

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    That's GOOD NEWS Freebore, thanks for sharing Pard.:):D;):cool:

    tEN wOLVES :D
  4. Suwannee Tim

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Except for the most common calibers, brass has been in short supply since I started reloading in 1972. Don't look for that situation to change. I have bought some powder in the past couple of weeks at reasonable prices. The ammo and component companies are going to be hurting when all this artificial demand is satisfied and people begin shooing stored stuff, especially if the economy gets worse which I expect.
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