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    Feb 25, 2010
    Idle Hands are the Devil's Workshop - I want to experiment some more with primer compositions to load homemade percussion caps - think "Tap-O-Cap".
    I am attaching an excerpt from Tenney Davis's book, The Chemistry of Powder & Explosives.

    I am interested in these potassium chlorate-based mixtures because potassium chlorate is available in the retail market, and if the government ever bans the sale to private citizens, potassium chlorate can be manufactured at home without too much trouble.

    I tried the second composition back in the 1990's, and the caps worked, but the shelf life was only a year or so. I did not include any antacid in the mix, and I presume that the sulfur eventually ruined the potassium chlorate. I want to try that again, using an antacid this time.

    I am also interested in the first composition - no sulfur at all - but TNT is an exotic ingredient (ie, unavailable). I wonder if there is some way to make this mixture "pop" without the TNT?

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