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    Au contraire back AT ya PS!:p :D

    The Russians NEVER "dumped" the Mosin Nagant, any more than WE dumped the Springfield for the Garand, or the M14 for the M16!! And they still ISSUE it as a sniper rifle, and civil guards and internal security units still carry well as all over former the eastern bloc....

    The Mosin Nagant was an ISSUE weapon into the 1990s in Finland, Romania, and several other Eastern Bloc nations....The Romanian M44s that were sold in the US in the past 5 or 6 years or so were taken DIRECTLY from in service (granted, RESERVE, but still in service units!) I have several well used leather Romanian M44 ammo pouches that were stuffed with Romanian quartermaster papers for shipment, that were dated 2000! And one pouch still had a cigarette pack complete with one broken cigarette and matches from a contemporary cigarette company ("Carpat") in Bucharest!

    And the famous AP picture of the "assault rifles" being removed by the armload from the embassy in Kosovo immediately prior to our Abrams and Bradleys showing up (in the MID 1990s) were M44s....

    The ISSUE Russian Army, as well as all other former Eastern Bloc armies, true "sniper" rifle (not "designated marksman" rifle which is the Dragunov, intended for OTHER tactical purposes.....) still is a Mosin Nagant...I would not be surprised if the Polish forces in Iraq today may not have one or two "snayperskayas" along with them....

    And the LAST time the USMC rifle team was humbled in international competition was by the Soviet rifle team, in the 80s, and they were shooting, (you guessed it! ) Mosin Nagants....

    And don't EVEN get into "contemporary service" of the Enfields, or Bunny will show up foaming at the mouth TOO!;):):):)
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  2. Polish, are you seriously suggesting that the Eastern Bloc nations under the Soviet thumb issued obsolete Mosins because they chose to? Balderdash! In the soviet system, the Russian troops got the gold mine, and their "fraternal socialist allies" generally ended up with the shaft, which, by the way, is a good description of the 91/30, come to think of it. :D ;) :p

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Your point is well taken about the Eastern Bloc nations "under the Soviet thumb" as you say it, they were USUALLY kept one step behind the latest Soviet stuff...but the fact remains the SOVIETS still use the Mosin Nagant themselves as SNIPER weapons!

    AND why do you THINK the Soviets wasted so much time and effort and money REARSENALLING all those MNs that were then wrapped in cosmoline and stored in the salt issue them AGAIN to the NEW "Peoples Partisan Army" when the West invaded them AGAIN! (Like we and the British did in 1919, and the Germans and Austrians did in '14 and '41, in just the LAST century...)

    And you DON'T take into account the Finns...who COULD have had ANY weapon as THEIR sniper and reserve issue rifle. And it would have been EASIER to have any other as well, one of the conditions of the Armistice with the Soviets at the end of the "Continuation War" in 45 was that they could NOT make any MORE Mosin Nagant they made the famous M39 "Sneaks" in the 1960s and 1970s, which MAY have been the best and most accurate ones EVER made.
  4. Of course they do, Polish. No argument there. We still used the M-14 for that purpose (and still do to some extent, I think) after the M-16 was adopted. Sniper use alone proves nothing, otherwise we'd have to include the Winchester Mod 70 (a Mauser based design, I might add! ;) ) in the category of general battlefield arms. That's the rifle most of the snipers in Vietnam used, including Carlos Hathcock. Specialized use does not make a weapon a viable battlefield rifle.
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    Mar 25, 2001
    True enough, but you have to remember it is ACTUAL Model 91/30 Mosin Nagants, most made PRIOR to 1944, that we are considering as the current sniper weapons, which is quite a bit different than the 1960s or later highly modified "specialized" Model 70s or Remington 700s only vaguely resembling the 98 Mauser.

    And of course there is the little fact that the actual 98 Mauser even failed at GENERAL use as a "Battle rifle..." when it faced Mosins as well as Enfields, and of course, US Enfields, Springfields and Garands.;) :eek:
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