Problem with Meprolight Night Sights

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    Please read this and advise members of your clubs and any one you know who owns a gun with Meprolight sights of this concern.

    In February, 2001 I purchased a Kimber Compact Carry .45 (not a CDP) and had Kimber install a set of Meprolight Night sights on it. Since then, I have had 7 front sights go out. Seriously, the seventh sight is on the gun now, and it's as dark as the bottom of a well.

    Every 50 - 100 rounds the "vial" containing the tritium gas allows the gas to escape, leaving the sight dark.

    I have been contacted by several individuals who have had the same problem (just not as often, I shoot a little more than some) - some even have the brand new "Eclipse" models ! Those who have had the problem and sent the slide
    in have been told the same thing - "Yours is the only one".

    Please inform your membership, and if anyone has Meprolight night sights that are less than a year old, have them check the front sight.

    If anyone has this problem, or if anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at

    If you'd like to see a fully detailed description of the frustration I've gone through, go to my Night Sight Nightmare page.

    Seriously, please ask your fellow members to check their sights.


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