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    They know that the vast majority of those weapons recovered in Mexico do not come from the US civilian market.

    Many are military weapons because the Mexican Army is quitting to go work for the cartels and taking their weapons with them. The cartels also seize the Mexican government's armories.

    Many weapons are also smuggled in from Guatemala too.

    I mean most of these weapons they're finding don't even have a serial number, which means it does not come from the US civilian market.


    I mean I just don't get it. Are these people like Feinstein and Schumer brain damaged? History has shown us that taking firearms away from the civilian population ends with mass murders, totalitarianism, or criminals controlling everything.

    Life, liberty and property are the foundation of the United States of America as is the ability to defend all three. The Constitution is supposed to protect it too. But there are too many people who see guns used in a negative way rather than all the times and ways they save lives.

    Without guns we would still be part of England wouldn't we?

    I don't get why we even have such restrictive laws upon things like Class III weapons. I mean if it's select-fire, does that really make it more dangerous? If it's got under a 16 1/2" barrel, does that make it more deadly? Does having a silencer mean you are more prone to commit a crime? It's stupid. Add to that the law against importing foreign made select-fire weapons made after 1986.

    Then these idiots like Feinstein and the Brady Bunch want to ban any weapon that looks scary like AKs and ARs. They wanna take away anything that holds over 10 rounds. What do they want us to defend our homes with? Muskets? Sticks and stones? The next war for independence won't be fought with 18th century weapons.

    On top of that, you need to be "background checked" before you can carry a gun. The Second Amendment is supposed to guarantee that carrying a weapon is your right.

    I can understand why some people might be afraid. It's easy to be afraid of something you don't understand or have never spent one second of your life around. Like this Feinstein lady. Other than seeing guns on TV, has she ever fired one? Or understood the point of the Second Amendment? I saw a picture of her on TV one time holding an AK with a drum mag and her finger on the trigger. It just made me laugh a little bit. Like she's saying guns are unsafe yet her finger is on the trigger in a room full of people. Barrel aimed at people.

    What's even worse is that some people are stupid enough to go along with this "gun control" crap.

    We don't need gun control. We need education about guns.

    Feinstein is protected by armed security. Yet she would deny me a right to be armed for protection.

    Obama's family is protected by automatic weapons. Yet he wants to deny that to me.

    Someday people are going to get pissed off by this stuff and are going to tell the government to piss off once and for all.

    I'm wearing a shirt today with two M16s on the side and in the middle it says "If you come for mine, you better bring yours!" That's all I have to say to the anti-gun morons.
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    Those three are pure pond scum. I especially detest Schumer. I can't say the rest of what I'm thinking...I'm already on enough lists.
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    The sooner everyone realizes that liberalism is a mental disorder, the better they will understand. I continue to say it but I will say it again. They do not have the ability to process reason or facts. They just cant do it. You wont ever get thru. Its just not possible.
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