Pumpkin Creek Heavy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gabob, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Gabob

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    Dec 5, 2005
    About thirty years ago I decided to make some home brew. I had a recipe for 7 gallons but needed bottles. Was down at the local gas station/hangout and a worker at the Coke plant said he would supply enough large Coke bottles to bottle it. Bottles were too tall to go under my capper but station owner volunteered to modify capper. They wanted half the brew as payment. I made and bottled the brew. It needed to sit for about 10 days to age and let the lees(dead yeast) settle to bottom of bottles. I dropped it off at gas station the morning after bottling it and the mailman was there with the other two. They proceeded to drink the entire 3 and a half gallons of green beer. Shaking it up and drinking lees and all.

    Two days later the station reopened for business.

    Three days and the mailman was able to work again.

    Bennie, the Coke employee, died two years later and they still
    blame me for poisoning him

    They named this Beer Pumpkin Creek Heavy since there was nothing light about it (I live just above scenic Pumpkin Creek Swamp)

    Neither Rain, Sleet or snow can keep the Postman from his appointed rounds but Pumpkin Creek Heavy did !!!!!!

  2. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    So Gabob. where can I find this famous brew for sale?

    I am in AWE, we have a real Southren' Sam Adams in our MIDST..,.:p

    Actually, my first experience with "Homebrew" happened to be in Georgia, in 1976, and I was 17!

    My cousin, my Father's favorite nephew, was a Captain commanding a helicopter squadron at Ft. Stewart. He was a WILD man but a good man, got in a car wreck when HE was 17 and drunk, that caused some people to be killed, Judge gave him the choice of the Army (this was in the 60s) or jail, he enlisted. Right after basic, some officer came through asking for volunteers to fly choppers, he said WTH, and raised his hand, next thing he knows he's a Warrant, and trained to fly slicks, and on his way to 'nam, second tour he flies Cobras as a Lt., third tour he's a Captain commanding his own squadron, earns the Silver Star...

    ...but during the "Homebrew" incident, it was right after Jimmy Carter, rapid downsizing of the Army, he knew he was not "moving up" because of no degree, so would be "moving out," he was marking the days, and we were in Jacksonville visiting my Sister, and Dad got a bug up his butt to drive up to Savanah and see David.

    We get to Ft Stewart, and David and his wonderful wife are great hosts, immediately offering booze to us, then he says Uncle Harry, I got some home brew in the Basement, do you want some? My Dad says "Hell no, I know what that stuff can do..."and takes a scotch, David tells me with a wink..".C'mon" and leads me off to incoherence.

    All I remember is MANY beer steins of beer looking like pond water with stuff floating in it, and being only a SLIGHTLY experienced Beer drinker then, I can't really tell you if I liked it or not, I DO remember after like the 2nd or third one it started tasting better.

    I don't remember getting sick, but then I remember I didn't really REMEMBER the drive back to Jacksonville or what happened for the next three days either, and the few periods of time I was awake in that time fram my Dad saying "SEE? SEE?" with a smile on his face....:p:p:p

    My cousin died of cancer a few years before my Dad did in '97, it was never proved, but his AO for one of his tours was where it was heavily defoliated, it was suspected that it may have been linked to Agent Orange.

    Thanks for bringing back the great memories, Gabob! ;):D:D
  3. A lot of men who served in Vietnam will end up that way eventually, Polish, or so I greatly fear. That stuff should never have been used. In the end it really did very little good to counter the insurgents.
  4. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Hindsight is 20/20, PS, at the time it seemed like a good idea, at least to the "Whiz Kids" convinced we could fight them better with JUST technology, and and not grunts on the ground...although what we needed was attention to BOTH...

    SOME of it worked OK, or at least was developed into stuff that works today, but some I remember were pretty stupid, like the Cloud Seeding to see if we could make it rain MORE? I mean In South East Asia, during at least the monsoon season, who would have NOTICED?:eek:

    But that IS or at least WAS a distinctive quality of American Warfare, for better or worse, that separated us from other nations...if we can do it ANY other way than by just throwing lives at it we'll at least try it....
  5. I certain agree with you that anything that saves the lives of soldiers on the ground--high tech or not--is worthwhile trying. What I object to is the use of some kind of crazy technological idea as a substitute for making the hard decisions necessary to win a war, Polish. Agent Orange was certainly one of those. Instead of spraying a defoliant over useless jungle, we should have been dropping bombs on Hanoi, the ships in its harbor, and the dykes in the North to actually end the war by destroying the ability of the North Vietnamese to carry it on. That might have stopped the transfer of men and supplies into the South. Defoliating the jungle sure as hell didn't. :cool:
  6. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    I can't argue with you there. PS, we, or rather our National and Military leaders made ENOUGH mistakes with that "war."

    Maybe we should have dropped Gabob's homebrew on them, and Charlie would have been OUT of it for DAYS...at least....;)
  7. Heck, Polish, trust me, Tiger beer and those old 33s were enough to do that, at least for our side! :D
  8. Tom Militano

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    Feb 26, 2007
    Jacksonville, AL
    Agent orange left me with diabetes and a few other problems. Nasty stuff.
  9. :eek: So GABOB, when ya going to reopen the Brewery? :)
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