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    May 1, 2004
    Hate I missed ya Punchie,do you drive full time?I know they have been on us pretty heavy about logging tanker routes and patterns,even Dairymen who hauls milk.Seems some empty tankers got to missing out around the Midwest area.Think their was 5 all together but some company's dont know what they do or dont have.Ive been busy lately just finished up teaching a class at the Academy,we had Handgun qualification going on just after New Years that cut my sleep time out for two days then ended up running two simpler classes in one day for another Agency.Ive finaly got back on my 4-5 hr sleep days then what I call my chair time,you know when you fall asleep in your Lazy Boy while your wife is telling you how bad her day at the Office was.Everyone is getting prepaired for tax time,and she's been humping it to to get W-2's out for one of the company's they take care of taxes for.Looks like me and the Dogs will be here alone until about May.I tried to get my wife to let me hire a temporary Maid,that didnt work out :D .Ive become familiar with those Hungry man Dinners and there good I have to eat 3-4 at a time to keep motivated to get my daily Run in but have missed a few days.I did get in one day after them coyotes,and killed one yearling.I hope they start tomorrow on putting my septic system in over at the cabin.Maybe my wife will spend the night over there some now,but its a relief to have the contractors finish up.Its took nearly 4 yrs of a little here and there to get it done.When I take some vacation time Im going to make it a point to get up with you and GHD for a good steak at Ryans on me or somewhere else if you guys know of a better place.I want to head down to Fort Cambell and see Night Stalker as well,I would really enjoy meeting Eagle Guns/ATF Ive come to thank alot of him as well.Kinda weard but seems like after a while you get to know these people and the kind of good folks they are.Stay Safe out their, Keep your heads up!

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    Ain't it the truth. Don
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