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    We've had a couple posts on internet speed lately, and mine rates a D-. :(
    I thought I had a pretty speedy hookup. :rolleyes:

    How can one make it run faster?

    Is it dependent on the provider?

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  3. OH SORRY DUDE.jpg

    Thought you was talking about som-ting else :D
  4. Generally, your speed is going to be limited by the plan you sign up for with your ISP.

    Most of the gimmicks to increase computer speed on your own are just that...gimmicks. That being said, there are some things you can do to increase your perceived internet speeds.
    1) Make sure you have no malware/spyware/virus on your computer
    2) Remove any file sharing programs you might have
    3) Get a decent router. When it comes to wireless routers, you get what you pay for.
    4) For you Windows users, make sure you keep your registry clean and disk defragged.
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    Aug 1, 2009
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    Hey norahc, by this, do you mean like "disk clean-up"?
  6. Yes and no. Disk clean up does not affect the registry, and registry clean up does not affect the disk. Both need to be run.

    The registry needs to be cleaned because as you add and remove programs, they all write to the registry. However, when a program is removed, there is always information left about that program causing the registry to grow and become a cluttered mess.
  7. Zane71464

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    Aug 1, 2009
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    I'm a bit putter "illiterate"....so, how do you clean the registry? Is it an option in the disk clean-up?
  8. No, you'd have do download a specialized program to do it. Messing with the registry, even if you know what you are doing, is akin to trying to take food from a badger armed with your fists only.


    That being said, during my research I've discovered that the current belief is that Windows 7 doesn't require a registry cleaner. Since I stopped using Windows, I'm not sure if this is true or not.
  9. Zane71464

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    Aug 1, 2009
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    Thanks Norahc, good informative article!
  10. You're welcome.
  11. mjp28

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    Dec 17, 2011
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    Yes, yes, yes and yes.

    First of course always update your antivirus, regisrty cleaner or any other tool before running it to make sure you have the latest information.

    On your HD, registery, discs think of them as big closets, you keep throwing junk in over and over and over, after awhile it will take you longer to find things until it becomes near impossible to find anything. Keeping them clean on a regular basis and throwing away pure junk permantly will keep you going fast!

    I set my registry cleaner to run every Monday at 1pm, or whenever I want manually NOTE: It automatically makes a restore point before running! Be careful.

    I'll run my AV maybe when I go to eat, takes about 90-100 minutes.

    I have MSFT Vista Home (eh, OK), Norton 360 AV, NICE! And follow the instructions on defrag it shows if it's necessary, same with the clean discs.

    Sometimes I run a program called CCleaner, quick and easy way to get rid of cookies, temp files, etc.

    Do that and you'll be OK, ;)
  12. cpttango30

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    Be careful if you have a computer with an SSD (Solid State Drive) NEVER EVER DEFRAG IT.

    Defraging an SSD causes so much work on it that in short time you will destroy it.
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  14. RunningOnMT

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    Nov 19, 2008
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    In addition to what others have offered, here are a couple additional things you can do. Clearing your cookies doesn't get rid of all the junk. To get rid of file fragments click:

    START>RUN>type in PREFETCH. When the page opens up you will see files and fragments displayed. Click on EDIT then SELECT ALL. Under File and folder tasks click on Delete the selected items. A window will open up asking if you are sure you want to send the selected items to the recycle bin. Click yes.

    Then do this:

    START>RUN>%TEMP%, then follow the same procedure as above.

    I do this daily along with deleting cookies.

    Adware and spyware can really slow down your computer just like some viruses. A good anti spyware program is essential along with antivirus protection. I recommend SUPERANTISPYWARE. I believe it costs a one time fee of around $40.00 and that's with almost daily updates for life. It's worth it's weight in gold.

    Finally one of the biggest drags on your computer is your START UP menu. Optimizing your start up menu can be like buying a new computer. Ninety percent of the programs downloaded and installed on your computer have it embedded in them to install in the start up menu so that they will start running as soon as you boot up. They don't need to run until you want to use them, but they are there running in the background all the time and using system resources. This slows your computer down.

    The thing is I can't tell you how to do it. Back in the days of Windows 98 it was simple, as very few programs were required to run all the time. With windows XP and beyond, the names of essential programs and extensions changed and some of these required more than one program to run for each function. I have no way of knowing what's on your pc, so I can't tell you what you don't need. If you want to try to figure it out yourself, you can follow these directions:

    To optimize the start up you click START>RUN> then type in msconfig. At the new window select the start up tab. It will then display a list of all the programs that start running whenever you boot up, with a check box in front of each one. Optimizing is done by unselecting all but the essential items, which are generally about two Windows essential programs, plus your antivirus software. All the rest are wasting resources.

    I can't tell you which ones are essential. A computer tech can. Generally you could get a computer tech to optimize your pc for you for between $40.00-$100.00. Money well spent if your computer is really slow.
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  15. Before forking over any money for anti- whatever programs, I seriously suggest looking at some of the free ones first. The ones that we recommend to our customers are:

    Spybot Search and Destroy

    But the most important piece in your defense against malware is simply to alter your habits on the internet. While the contents of this article may offend some, the core truths are applicable to everyone. http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-reasons-guy-whos-fixing-your-computer-hates-you/
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