Qualiy time at the range today!!!

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  1. Well, I finally decided to go to the local indoor range today. I wanted to go to the outdoor range, but it's only open on Saturdays and it's going to be raining tomorrow. This indoor range is fine for pistols, but is rather uncomfortable for rifles as they have mesh-grate tables for shooting, and the stools are too tall and the chairs are too short (at least for me). I took all three of my firearms and a bit of ammo for each one.

    Here's the report in the order in which I shot.

    1. K98k. What can I say? It's a Mauser:D Smooth and fun to shoot. A GREAT rifle. I put 15 rounds of Yugo (I believe) milsurp thru it. I recently bought 210 rounds of 8mm at a local flea market, and 15 rounds of it were this Yugo milsurp. The other rounds are some kind of South American steel jacketed milsurp while this Yugo was lead core/copper jacket. Last time I shot the K98k, I fired 20 rounds of Prvi Partisan 196gr SP. The recoil on it was rather mild and quite enjoyable. This Yugo milsurp....holy flaming crap on a stick did it have a kick to it! 15 rounds like to beat the hell out of my shoulder. And it didn't help that the benchrest set-up at this range was uncomfortable. The sights....oh my sweet lord the sights on this rifle SUCK! I still do not see how the Germans used those sights! When I could keep form going crosseyed and could actually focus, I shot very tight groups. So I know that the beautiful bore in this rifle is doing it's job. I REALLY need to put a scope on this rifle. Scope scope scope! I earned my NRA JROTC Sharpshooter award on my NJROTC Rifle Team, so my target with this rifle was just plain embarassing! She definately needs a scope.

    2. WASR-10/63. This was the object of today's events. My only comment is this....why in the crap did I NOT buy one of these things YEARS AGO?! Holy crap this is a fun rifle to shoot! And all the bilge about AKs being inaccurate junk......total BS. I shot a GREAT group with this thing! It did seem to shoot just a bit high and to the right. I was aiming at the X in the center, and grouped most of the 60 rounds I fired in a hole just less than the size of a half dollar running high and too the right about 1/8 off the X. Not back for a "cheap junk bottom of the barrel AK" that has a chrome lined barrel. The recoil on the 123 gr Fiochi FMJ rounds was very enjoyable. This was the first time I"'ve ever fired an AK and I was expecting a much stronger kick. I fired a few rounds through a Russian SKS a few years ago and that thing kicked MUCH harder than this AK. I think I got me a keeper here! Not even any of that trigger slap I've heard of with these Romaks. I even like the trigger pull on the "crap Century FCG". (Note, the FCG on my WASR is actually a Tapco:D.) Now I think I'll get one of those recoil buffers, an easier to use aftermarket safety switch, and maybe a plate to replace the shepard's hook and then get a new stock that can mount a red dot sight, get an AK-74 style muzzle brake, a more ergonomic grip, and definately some more 30 rd mags. Use this baby as a SHTF home defense weapon. Right now she's sitting in my closet with both mags loaded with Wolf Military Classic 124 gr JHP rounds. Supposedly these rounds use the Russian 8m3 effect round that's basically a 7.62 that behaves like a 5.56 upon impact. Got a mag in the rifle right now, but no round in the chamber.:D Most definatetly a keeper.

    3. Walther P99. What can I say here? It's a Walther:D:D:D Also my concealed carry and primary home defense piece. Up to about 670 rounds (50 today) without the first hiccup. This pistol is definately more accurate than I am (although I'm the first to admit that I"ve always been much better with a rifle than a pistol). She did seem to be shooting a bit low today. It was most likely me as I was getting tired by this point. I should have shot the Walther FIRST as my tiredness was affecting my groups. Oh well.

    Just finished cleaning all three weapons. So all in all, a great way to spend a little bit of my day:D
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    Another thing I like about range trips, I actually kind of like having a bit of a sore shoulder after a day of shooting rifles. Kind of like I did something to earn it. Am I weird or what? (Is masochist the right word for me?:))
    Glad you had fun!

  3. Guess you ain't complainin, so you must be braggin....:)

    My only retort would something to the effect that there is not enough time in a 24 hr day to to shoot & clean all my guns!
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    great report..sounds like good a good day..and a good group of weapons.....
    Will be goin to the planned texas shoot/members next week and will have to dust off my old 25.06 killing machine...hope to have good time and we will all report...

    10-4 on rain tomorrow...got a good freind living on Lake Gaston..dont know if you are close..sure miss N.C.

    see you..
  5. I"m about 30 miles west of Charlotte in Gaston County.
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    I hear you about the K98. I have one re barrelled by the Israelis to 7.62x51 and it shoots really, really tight groups. It can hold its own against many a modern scoped rifle to a fair distance.

    As you say, the open sights are a bit primitive and I have been tempted to scope, but resisted.
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  7. Tranter, it's German, and it was designed by Paul Mauser; of course the Karabiner 98k shoots accurately and functions smoothly. That's axioimatic! :D;)
  8. TranterUK

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    I have a nice Mauser story. Twenty odd years ago a Museum in South London discovered a dozen rifles in their attic. They called the police, who called the Royal Armouries, who called me to go inspect! I found they were Boer Mausers, bought back as trophies by a local regiment from the Boer War in South Africa about 1900. Most were carved with Dutch names and places. A couple had pictures of fish. They were worn on the bottom of the stock from being carried across the saddle, but mostly in excellent condition.

    Cut a long story short, I ended up with a couple, one of which I gave to the guy who delivered my first child and was from S.Africa. :)
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