Question about Ed Brown & Irv Barsto

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Reply Question about Ed brown & Irv Barsto
    I am in the process of having my Para P-16 converted to 10mm and have a choice of Ed Brown or Irv Barsto doing the work. Both say that the the custom made barrel will require fitting(reccommend their perspective shops). The cost is fairly high, but I want it done right. Have any had experiance with either of these companies? who would you reccommend?


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    Boy, that a hard one !. I've used both guys. Each is a perfectionist in his own way, but I'd give the nod to Bar-Sto.
    They, Bar-Sto, kind'a started the whole barrel improvement revolution years ago. Ed's barrels are great also, but when he was starting to make a name for himself, he used Bar-Sto.
    Note the actual fitting of the barrel is what I would worry about. I've had Colt & Springfield barrels fitted by a pro, and the guns shot great.

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    Go with Barsto, Thats all they do is barrels. The most important variable for a match barrel is how well it is installed. You can have the most accurate barrel in the world, but if the hood is not fit properly or the lugs cut incorrectly it will shoot poorly.
    Good luck with who ever you go with.
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    Re: Question about Ed brown & Irv Barsto
    Hello CompGunFire & BlindHogg "Chris", Thanks for your personal opinions. It's great to have the information 1st hand from those that have dealt with these other people/businesses.

    Last but not least...

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    I won a $125 gift certificate for a Barsto barrel in '85 from the prize table of my IPSC league, and sent him an extra $25 for a 6" that I used for my pin gun conversion. Now they are like $250.

    I fit it myself, and it shot fact, I just sold it last year when I went back to 5" for carry....

    Never having tried a Brown, I can't compare, but you can't go wrong with a Barsto.
    I'm so PROUD to be an AMERICAN...
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