Question about selling a registered gun?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ronnie02, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Hunter, that's true, however no one here that I'm aware of actually goes to a dealer to do a transfer. What they do is keep a personal record of when they sold the weapon and to whom. It's still not "registration" as defined by Hollywood. What you speak of is why I don't sell any of my guns. I know other people however, who don't keep one for a year before they're wanting to sell it to someone else. Private sales are not formally regulated in this state.
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    It is quite possible the Feds keep a list from the background check. It's illegal, but it's possible. By Federal law, they have 72 hours to say yes or no, and then all the info is supposed to be purged from the records.

    We don't have NICS, here in Florida. Our background checks are done by FDLE. I've been the guy doing the call-in numerous times. They want to know many things. But the make, model, caliber and serial number of the gun is not among them. They ask whether it is a long gun or a hand gun, but that's because of the age difference required to purchase one.

    But that's not "registration".

    I did a swap with a guy from Michigan. Neither of us were in our home states, at the time. I suggested he take mine and I'd take his and we'd go home happy. Yes, that would be breaking Federal law, but so what? It didn't happen. Where he lived, guns were registered. His state knew everything he had. Rifle/pistol/shotgun/muzzleloader/didn't matter. They knew. And if he got rid of one of them, they wanted to know that, too. So, the pistol I wanted had to be signed out of his possession, through a dealer. The pistol I was giving him had to be signed into his possession, through an FFL. And it did not matter whether I lived in Florida or right next door. That's the way they had to do it. So I took my gun home and had my dealer ship it to his, while he took his gun home and had his dealer ship it to mine. That way all the "I"s were crossed and the "T"s were dotted, and Michigan knew where that New Service went, and that he now had a SAA.

    That's registration.
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    As adealer, let me say that by filling out the form 4473 and having a back ground check does not make a gun "registered" to you UNLESS your sttae has a law requiring all guns sold to you be registered with the state. All the form 4473 is is a record for the dealer and the back ground check is to ensure you have the legal right to buy that firearm. Unless your sttae requires you to register that gun, you can sell it to who ever you want BUT to be safe you need to at least make sure they are old enough, ask if the can legally buy a firearm, and if possible get their contact info including address. What the form 4473 dioes help do for the buyer is if your firearm was stolen and you know the dealer you bought it from, then you can get the seriel numbers to turn in to the LEOs should you not have written them down in a safe place before hand. Once we dealers turn in our FFLs of fail to renew, we are required to send to the BATF our log book/s and the forms 4473 that we have on file to the BATF where mthey are NOT supposed to be recorded on anything else. With the way the BATF has been in the past with things like "Fast & Furious" scandel, who knows what they do.
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    I wouldn't trust the feds as far as I could throw em. The Courts told them years ago they couldn't keep any of the records collected during routine purchases but I have read that BATF has never complied! Our Federal Govenrment doesn't follow the same laws we do or the ones they are suppose to. They consider themselves ABOVE The Law as with the "Fast & Furious" mentioned above. Don't tell them anymore about yourself than you have to and try to stay below their radar!
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