Question on a Rohm RG40

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  1. todd51

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    My neighbor brought over this revolver that belonged to his father and wanted to show it to me and wanted to clean it. Well it turns out to be a Rohm RG40, six shot, two inch barreled, .38 spl. revolver. I had heard all the negative remarks over the years about them but this is the first one I actually laid hands on. It looks to be in almost new condition as wasn't really dirty and I would guess if it hasn't been cleaned before it hasn't had but a hand full of rounds shot through it. It seems to work fine from what I can judge but I have a question to ask. The ejector rod turns freely in both directions. There are two flats on the end of the ejector rod that gives the impression you would put a tool on them to undo the rod but there is no resistance in either direction, is that normal. I am not going to attempt to remove the rod as there doesn't seem to be a function problem with the revolver and that wasn't part of his request. It was his dad's gun and now it is his and am not going to make snide remarks about it. I was just curious how is the rod unscrewed if some one was wanting to disassemble the ejector rod from the cylinder.
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  2. StoneChimney

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    I believe that model has a screw inside the crane that threads into the end of the ejector rod.

  3. todd51

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    Mar 20, 2009
    Central, Ohio
    Thank you StoneChimney. I didn't want to do it because it is not my gun but curiosity was just too much. I took the screw out that retains the crane and found there is a spanner nut on the ejector rod recessed into the face of the cylinder. Curiosity solved. I just wanted to point out to my neighbor any obvious problem that might exist with the revolver. Only thing I see is the barrel/cylinder gap is virtuously zero so any build up on the cylinder face is going to cause stiff operation. Thanks again for the assistance.
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