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    Hello all.

    This might come off a little strange, but I'm a college student who's currently writing a screenplay for a class. It mostly has to do with stuff that doesn't rely on a heavy knowledge of firearms, but there is a SPETZNAZ fella in it, and I was wondering if any of you aficionados or history buffs out there could drop me some names of mean-lookin' Russian firearms that a guy in that kind of outfit would use.

    I know so far that the normal SPETZNAZ troops carry a 5.45mm AKS-74 rifle, a 5.45mm PRI automatic pistol and an NR-2 Combat knife/gun thing.

    But I was also curious as to what kind of hardware the more specialized groups would use (Vympel, Al'fa, Omon, GROM, etc.)

    In particular, I was wondering if you guys knew any nasty full-auto machine pistols from Russia.

    Thanks a bunch.


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    Not strange at all, this is one of the things I envisioned when we created this forum! In fact, I recently gave a little help to a prop manager on a movie set about US and German soldiers in WWII... Welcome!

    I am NOT an "expert" on modern stuff as much as WWII and earlier, partly because it interests me a little less...but I have a few suggestions...But you have them pretty well nailed right now, good research!

    I would probably try to do a Google search at the bottom of the page right off the bat...but look for sources more than the exact info at first, then drill down...

    You know, especially since the iron curtain is down, you might be surprised on what you might find contacting a Russian embassy military attache assistant for help, or maybe even somebody in Russia...

    As long as you didn't make them look too bad in the movie, they might really try to help you...

    Also. you might try emailing Albert Nofi or James Dunnigan, the authors of the "Dirty Little Secrets" series...I've heard they are very approachable, and they literally DO "know everything" military, especially intelligence and Spec Ops.

    Last resort, try emailing or contacting "Soldier of Fortune" magazine, a letter or contact with Peter Kokalis would answer everything...

    In fact I may even have an old one in the garage somewhere, I remember they had an article on Spetznatz in the 80s that was pretty intensive and listed all they used, but it might be dated...I'll see if I can dig it out...

    And while it too would be dated, you HAVE to have at least one "bad guy" with a Czech "Skorpion..."

    And finally, SOME of those specialized Spetznatz units you mentioned were meant to operate in enemy held areas, in disguise, and trained with and used western or foriegn weapons extensively, especially of the specific "enemy" they were infiltrating....but I can't remember which units they were...
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    I might be alittle late on this but if you think your goning get a F....try this will give you atleast a D+.
    Most soldiers in any army were issued "entrenching tools" - compact, light shovels that aided in the construction of foxholes, fortifications, etc. It was found through combat experience that the Russian entrenching tool - a "spade" - was much more effective in close quarters combat than a standard knife or bayonet.

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    I have an article from small arms review Oct 2001, of which I have two copies. It is about the guns of the SPETSNAZ. If you email me ( with your snail mail address I will tear one out and send it to you.


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    Hi mashaffer......welcome to the HistoryNuts section of TFF.

    C'mon in.....the water's fine!
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