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  1. ms6852

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    Nov 15, 2008
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    I've used a 30-06 for over 45 years for hunting deer and elk. The beauty of the 30-06 is that you can shoot 125gr through 220gr for moose and bear. Biggest dear I shot was with 125gr bullet. If you reload you can load a 110gr bullet for varmint. This caliber is very versatile. You can easily drop elk at 500 yds using 165gr or 180 gr. I've used 150gr Remington core-lokt at shorter distance all one shot kills.

    But for me the best thing about the 30-06 it is all over the world and someplace remote like Africa will have this caliber, and the other best thing if you buy factory ammo it is cheaper than 7mm and 243.
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    Oct 1, 2008
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    I think Binder pretty much nailed it - anything from the .30-06 family will be just about perfect - 30-06, 280, 270, 25-06 and also 7x57 Mauser. If you prefer short action, 308, 7/08, and dont forget the "european moose killer" the 6.5x55 Mauser. If you use a premium bullet at a significant velocity, any one will do for Elk, and dont think that you have to be Carlos Hathcock and expect 400 yard shots to get an Elk; the 270 has probably accounted for darned near as many elk as the shoulder dislocator belteds have. ;) Im anxious to know what you choose, once you have done so - and PICTURES ARE ALWAYS NICE - RIGHT BETH?? lol
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    Savage and Remington. I havent 'yet" owned a Savage in .270 WIN., but I have a Remington in .270 Win. and can speak first hand on it. With the factory Rem Core-Lokt in
    130grs. and shooting with a rest across the rack on a 4 wheeler, I got a nice group @ 500yds, sub-moa and then came the wind gusts that spread them out to "about" 7" @ 500.
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