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    Nov 10, 2001
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    (1/4/02 5:39:54 pm)
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    If gunbroker is so bad and judging from the number of complaints it must be, WHY are you people going there all the time???

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    (1/4/02 6:10:35 pm)
    Reply Re: Question
    Simple question, deserves a simple answer.

    The reason I continue to frequent that board is that there are some people there whose posts I enjoy reading and whom I enjoy conversing with.

    I don't have a problem with most members there. My problem is with Admin. They are too quick to delete posts and threads for no good reason, for my tastes. A good example is where they just deleted my thread where all I was attempting to do was inform another member of this board's existence. I violated NONE of their rules (I didn't post a link to TFF, or even mention this site's name, a BIG no no to them), and yet, POOF!

    I'm sure that LTS, Gone Postal, and others here could give you many more reasons, dealing with the auction side of things.

    Bob In St Louis
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    (1/4/02 9:30:51 pm)
    Reply Re: Question
    I don't go there anymore. Nor do I even look at their auctions. Auction Arms is a much better auction site. Period. As far as I am concerned, GB don't exist, and I could care less what they do over there.
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    (1/5/02 1:21:20 am)
    Reply GB, Auction Arms, TFF...
    Hey.280, thanks for the invite. I like it here ok, just checking things out. You know, as I see it, the difference between TFF and GB is just the auctions, yeah things are set up differently, and I dont see a bunch of arguments going on, and I dont see stuff getting poofed, but this is just a discussion board right? That is why people go back and forth, I still need to play with the auctions themselves, probably other people do too. I started on Auction Arms, but they are too darn expensive, the people selling there must not know about GB, or they just dont care, cause I can get stuff cheaper a lot of the time on GB. I think a lot of sellers and buyers migrated to GB from AA, cause AA- its not as big as it use to be. I noticed one thing about this place that bothers me already .280, I have to type in my user name and password each time, am I doing something wrong or is it set up that way, kinda sucks having to do that every time you post, ya know? Things are more colorful here, thats cool, keeps you awake better, specially at 0100. See ya.

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    (1/5/02 2:16:50 am)
    Reply Re: GB, Auction Arms, TFF...
    I certainly am no expert on computers since I have never owned one and what I am using is not a real computer. I suspect that you have your cookies turned off. If it was on it would show your user name in the list of who is logged on.

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    (1/5/02 7:12:58 am)
    Reply Re: GB, Auction Arms, TFF...
    Welcome Robsguns. The only time I have to type that stuff in is when I log out.

    Some differances between GB and us are they have an oppresive communist admin. Whe believe in free speech here as long as it is kept clean from cusswords everyone is free to speak thier mind with out getting poofed. I have had 2 usernames banned on GB. The first one was for merely stateing I was proud to be a Miscreant. I have no idea why they banned the second one.

    They have a forum with a zillion members who bicker and fight. We are pround of our membership here and often refer to it as a family. We don't always agree but the useless namecalling and fighting just don't happen.

    I have a couple more comparisons but my back is hurting so dang bad i have to go

    Once again welcome.

    We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans... -- Bill Clinton, US President (USA Today, 11 Mar 1993, page 2a)

    Bob In St Louis
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    (1/5/02 9:28:56 am)
    Reply Re: GB, Auction Arms, TFF...
    As to auction sites - kinda depends on what you are looking for. I am interested in certain old C&R items, and I tend to see more of them on AA.
    Crusty Cruffler of Fine Spanish Pistols - Eibar Rules!

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    (1/5/02 10:46:27 am)
    Re: GB, Auction Arms, TFF...

    You may very well have your cookies turned off,
    you shouldn't even see a password request box
    once you are logged in, in fact you will find that
    we have many more features here at TFF that you
    will find very useful to you and more to come in the

    Also, you may want to give our Buy/Sell/Trade forum
    a try sometime, folks here do very well with it!

    Myself and the staff have many new things to come
    for our members in the near future!

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    (1/5/02 4:25:28 pm)
    Reply Cookies
    I dont have the password problem at all anywhere else I visit. Dunno. Cookies gotta be on or I couldnt use other sites. Cant remember where the cookie jar is, but I know they're working.

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    (1/5/02 4:43:11 pm)
    Reply Re: Cookies
    When you enter this forum site does your user name show on the "logged in as" line? If it does you should be able to post without having to log in for each post.If it doesn't then you should log in then. that should let you post with out having to log in for every post. You can also check on the page where you write your post, if your user name is there you should be able to post without any problems.

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    (1/5/02 5:06:29 pm)
    Reply Re: Cookies
    Jeeper1, this question has eluded some. I`ll take a try though. I do go there once in a while, though rare. I still list there.......for the time being, but also list elsewhere.

    Being self employed, my thoughts are this.

    When it`s slow.....I bitch
    When I`m swamped......I bitch

    In general, I like to bitch......cause I`m never satisfied. To be so, would mean.........

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    (1/6/02 3:15:32 pm)
    Reply Re: Cookies
    jeeper, I don't go there except when a member here or elsewhere needs a little backing. Other than that I avoid the message site. If I need a certain item and the only place I found it was GB, than I contact the seller directly and make the purchase that way. I try at all costs to avoid bidding over there. I have also found that GB sellers are much more expensive then other auction sites such as AA's. I've compared the two this way..GB is like going to a gun show with outrageous prices and AA's is like the prices at the local gun shop marked up a little but still affordable.
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