range report wolf match target 22 (pic)

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    Reply range report wolf match target 22 (pic)
    Here is a target I shot today using the Wolf 22 Match Target ammo at 25 yards using my Mod 69 Romainian, scope is a 2 1/2 X weaver (Old) fine crosshairs. groups are 5 shots. weather was cold and windy. Each individual square on the target is 7/8 inch.

    I did not take any of the targets for the following info as the range at 50 was muddy just used the spotting scope. At 50 yards the groups for the wolf match were around a inch it looked like through the spotting scope I did not go down and get the target. I also shot some of the Aquila 60 grain today at 50 and it dropped around 3 inches at 50 yards and was around a 2 to 2 1/2 inch group at 50 but they did not tumble. Jim
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