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  1. 1 Eyed Jack

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    Aug 19, 2011
    So after having some issues with my .284 on Saturday with the ejector mechanism not wanting to cam over into the lock position,


    I thought I had it fixed on Saturday night, (but I bet LD probably thought different :) )

    So on Sunday, even though it was a bit windy I went back to the range, on Saturday I was 4 shots into my reloads when the malfunction began, on Sunday I got 5 shots off before it cropped up again, frustrating, it's got to go to the Gunsmith, but going to have to wait until there is some "extra" money as I have no idea how much it's going to cost,

    On the bright side, the first pic shows some pretty good grouping, the 1st shot is the low left one,
    Made POI adjustment,
    The 2nd shot is the one at 5 o'clock just off the dot, these are 3/4" dots I was using,
    Made one more small POI adjustment and then fired shots 3,4 and 5, so by all appearances, my starting load looks to be pretty good as far as grouping goes, you're opinion may differ, but the last 3 shots (all on the dot) measure 1/2" center to center at 100 yds, anyway you measure them,

    Then the issue started again with the rifle action not completely chambering the round, not rotating the lug/extraction assembly at the end of the chambering process, so happy with the small amount of results that I DID get, but obviously frustrated with the overall situation,

    I half way expected this so I came prepared with 4 other guns so I didn't have to leave the range early,

    Pic #1, 5 shots with the .284 at 100 yds, with POI adjustments after shots #1 and #2,

    Pic #2, this was actually the surprise of the day, I set up an 8"x8" shootn'see target at 50yds for my 1943 M1 Carbine .30, I have been plinking with this rifle a time or 2, shooting milk jugs filled with water at 30-40 yds or so, coffee cans and other assorted larger targets, but I have never taken it to the range,
    If you know what these peep sites look like, the whole target, plus a lot of the cardboard around the 8"x8" was completely visible through the "man-sized" peep so to say,
    I squeezed off 4 shots from the 5 shot mag, couldn't tell if I even hit the target at all, asked the guy next to me to check with his spotting scope, he said all 4 were on the target but high, and 2 barely on the target, I was surprised I even hit it, so adjusted the rear peep 1 click,
    5th shot was at 11 o'clock, just out of the center diamond, 1 more "click" on the rear peep (which is just sliding the peep forward or back to the predetermined notches),
    Put 5 more in the mag and fired 2, the guy with the spotting scope says "I think you put 2 in the same hole, almost dead center" I said NO WAY, he gave me the spotting scope,I could not even tell there was more than one hole,
    I honestly thought I missed the whole target with the 2nd shot of that magazine, so I fired off the other 3, waited for the cease fire and went to retrieve the target, of the last 5 shots, 4 were touching, pretty much centered, and one flyer, 1" off of center,
    I think I was more impressed that this old rifle was capable of that more that anything, it is old, but less than 300 rounds through it since Dad aquired it from the Red River armory in '62,

    Pic #3, 32 shots at 10 yds, Taurus PT-22, this little gun is difficult to be accurate with, the loooong double action type trigger pull makes it a challenge, but this little gun is always fun to shoot, and a favorite for the kids,

    Pic #4, last but not least, 24 shots (that's all I had) at 10 yds, from the 1944, Remington Rand, Rock Island Arsenal rebuild, 1911, she's not perfectly dialed in, but I love her just the same :) when something can bring a smile to your face by just holding it, it's all good, and a nice way to finish the day,

    I shot about 100 shots from my Win Mod 75 .22 at 50 yds also, but with the wind the results were nothing to write home about, so those pics are omitted to protect my ego :)

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  2. jack404

    jack404 Former Guest

    Jan 11, 2010
    cool! hope the other is sorted soon eh

  3. woolleyworm

    woolleyworm Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2009
    SW Fort Worth
    Nice job with the shooting and the report ! Looks like a fine day. I'm heading out tomorrow to shoot the ladder test on my -08 and do some plinking with the wheelies.
  4. todd51

    todd51 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Mar 20, 2009
    Central, Ohio
    Great shooting with all those guns. Hope you find the problem with your .284. Great post and thanks for sharing.
  5. American Leader

    American Leader Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2011
    Very nice on the .284 Jack! Very Nice!
  6. 1 Eyed Jack

    1 Eyed Jack New Member

    Aug 19, 2011
    Are you going to be doing the 1 shot per powder load? I read that when JLA posted that link, seemed like an interesting way to do it, I would think your shooting would have to be spot on to make that work and to be able to make sense of the results, but it seems like a great way to do it, and may yield 2-3 different charges that show a sweet spot, I'll be interested to hear of the results,
  7. woolleyworm

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    Feb 23, 2009
    SW Fort Worth

    Ever shot is cold bore and at the SAME point of aim. As the charge weights increase, the point of impact will climb. There is usually one distinct grouping that is much closer ( 2-3 shots). Fine tuning can be done from there. If at any point in the test there is a sign of excessive pressure, then the test is over before shooting all 20 rounds. I'll post pics of the target. Also note; it is of the greatest importance to have a good spotting scope or plan on heading down range after each shot in order to document it. Must document each shot after it is fired.
  8. 1 Eyed Jack

    1 Eyed Jack New Member

    Aug 19, 2011
    Re: Range Report/Updated

    OK, I'm going to keep posting on the progress/saga of my Mod 88 issues, mainly so others may find some benefit from the experience I am having,

    I called 2 Gunsmith's that the rangemaster had recomended to me, I explained what happened on Saturday and on Sunday, they both said the same thing, "I don't have any experience on Mod 88's and would prefer not to work on it", 2nd, they both said, "you have something floating around somewhere" most likely dislodged from the cleaning before taking it to the range on Saturday, 3rd, they both said they didn't think there was anything "broken", due to the fact that it does function intermediately,

    On Saturday night, when I got it working again the first time I had concentrated on the extractor area that was not "camming over" and completing the chambering process,

    Today, after speaking with the 'Smith's, I studied the breakdown diagram that jack404 had kindly provided, it dawned on me that there were other "parts/mechanisms" in the internal lever assembly that looked like they had something to do with the rotating of the extractor mechanism, (sorry if my terminology isn't exactly correct),

    So I took my new bottle of #9, cleaned my tiny nylon bristle brush with alcohol, let it dry, and went to work, of course I could not really get to the interrnal workings but did what I could, basically gave the whole lever, bolt, etc a good soaking with solvent, set the gun upright and the excess solvent that drained out was pretty dirty, worked the action a couple of times but no joy,

    I let it sit for about 20 minutes to drain and let the solvent work, then repeated the process, this time the drainage was not nearly so dirty, not clean, but a far cry better, let is sit again, came back and repeated again for the 3rd time, again the excess solvent was noticeably cleaner,

    Cleaned up the excess, wiped everthing down, ran some patches through the bore until they were clean etc,

    Picked up the gun and worked the action, it worked nicely, and felt smoother than ever, I probably worked the action 50 times and all seems right,

    Enclosed is a pic, with the action closed ALL the way as it should, am I confident that this finally did it?, I think so, but I will have to return to the range and fire a few rounds, I can't help but think that the recoil may be playing a part in continuing to free up bits of grime that have been softened/loosened by the cleaning, only returning to the range will tell I think, I honestly do not think there is anything "broken",

    It does make me happy to see the action closed all the way though :)

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  9. American Leader

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    Mar 1, 2011
    Amazing what a little cleaning will accomplish. Can't wait to get another range report Jack!
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