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    I would have expected a fight until I read where it happened. :mad:

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    Here is the pic they had in the article.

    I guess the MILK MIFIA just had to go down.

    But as long as our boarders are over run we will be ok.


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    cant have us not getting those special hormones and vaccines they must put into all foods and food cattle .. shove the poisons down our throat , remove all choice , lock up those who provide a choice , especially the healthy choices
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    If you live in Kalifornikate and own a cow, you better be ready for a the Milk-Nazi's to kick in your door...Wake UP America!..

    I never had 'store bought' milk until I started school...My folks always got it from the dairy down the road...and real butter too...The milk was that day fresh, the dairy was clean and the cows tested...I wouldnt have a problem drinking it today.
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    Laws controlling the sales of "raw", i.e. unpasturized milk date back decades to a time when refrigeration was doubtful and dairy animals weren't tested/certified free of transmittable diseases like tuberculosis. Today's dairy business is vastly different with its product going from "teat to refrigerated tank" in a few minutes. IOW, we've got a conflict between modern dairying methods and old laws being driven by consumer demand for a healthier product.

    My claim of "healthier" comes from a background of a dairy family. We all ate/drank raw milk daily with no "ill effects" and some good ones. "Raw" milk contains essential bacteria and enzymes essential to its digestion. Drinking it innoculates your system with these "good" bacteria, (or you can buy special preparations from your druggist that perform the same task).

    The other "boon" of raw milk is it is usually unhomogenized which leaves the butterfat globules large enough to separate and "float to the top". That also means those fats globules are too large to pass from the intestine to the blood stream until they've been digested, (by those bacteria). What if it turns out a lot of "arterial plaque" plaguing so many of today's americans came from drinking homogenized milk, and less from the LDL/transfats rants we hear ?

    IAC, I'm puzzled how seizing/destroying (as alleged), eggs and fruit has anything whatsoever to do with the sales of "raw" milk. Seems more like an out and out "terror raid" by the "jackbooted thugs" of the PDRK. >MW
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    Nov 29, 2009
    funny. i didn't know there was a law against raw milk. prohibition must have come back and i must have been in a coma during that time.
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    Nov 29, 2009
    so in other words all the fat is processed out of the milk? seems stupid that it's against the law. then again i guess it makes money for the pharmaceutical industry in this country. wow they thought the mafia was bad. surprises me how the pharmaceutical industry can get away with crap like this. then again most people are stupid and refuse to believe it when the evidence is right under their nose.
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    Nov 29, 2009
    you know jack my dad always says the government keeps pushing people more and more and forcing them into a corner. one day people are going to snap.
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    Wow you guys seem totally AWAKE in this forum. I think I have found a good home.

    I have been listening to Alex for quite some time and a few other interesting broadcasters. Im a history major and teach US history.

    Every day I listen to Alex and have done numerous amounts of my own investigation. They have us all pegged now and are trying to turn the people who want to audit the fed and that like Ron Paul and label us as terrorists. Everyone is a terrorist except the oligarchy perched on top sucking us dry.

    Truly sickening.

    You guys ever see the video food inc? Look for it on U tuber. I cant eat chicken anymore and have a hard time eating cattle form the store now also. We are under attack by these corporate scum.
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    I took the red pill and found out how deep the rabbit hole went.
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    I guess I need to quit suppling the neighbors with fresh veggies, fresh meat, and fresh eggs! :eek: :mad:
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    I buy and drink raw goats milk for these reasons. We buy from local farmers and process our beef. We also eat our free range eggs.
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    Freeze!!--Drop the limberger!!
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    Yer not takin' my cheese.:mad: I don't care if it stinks like toe jam!
    If ya actually got over the stink, you might just like it. Heaven forbid!:eek:

    Someone here correct me if ya can.

    Have people been drinking mammals milk for all time?
    Have they been making cheese for centuries?
    Are the any records of deaths from unpasturized milk products?
    Is not 'sour' milk the best biscuit starter?

    We take raw milk and 'pasturize' it, and then add bacterium to make fine cheese.
    EXPENSIVE cheese! Then we turn around and play this card?:rolleyes:

    Really, I'd like some honest answers.:confused: