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    A-Zo, read my most recent post, again; "First, learn the rules, Then, choose the tools" summarizes it succinctly.
    My second, and third tours, in RVN, I 'took more ears' with edged weapons, than with firearms; I was in a wierd, quiet business, in the 'Triborder', and had no need of noise, if it could be avoided; the Barong was good, but the forward weighted Kukri, even better, to 'delete' a 'forward observer', 'outpost sentry', or any other item that needed quiet 'cancelling'; yet, all this time, my tired old 'Plain belly' Gerber Mk I was always close, high and left, butt down, for 'close work', and then, perhaps now still, the finest tool in inventory, for a skilled worker.
    Yet, lead lobber made a good point in his post, six months ago; consider a dog, if the SHTF.
    Years ago, my 'pet poison' was Dobies, good dogs, if managed, but requiring entirely too much 'hands on' time, compared to my now pick, the 'Australian Cattle Dog', often called here, 'Red', or 'Blue', Heelers. Half the weight, and twice the dog!
    'Brandy', a four to five year old Bitch, over bred, taken too soon from the litter, a 'rescue dog', sits at my heel, as I type; she will give me a 15 second 'heads up' before anybody is at the door, and is perfectly willing, released, to 'punch their ticket' then and there; this is an animal still in 'recovery'; she just gets better and better!
    She will load a full ton of mean bull, 90 seconds, or less, onto your trailer, and ask for nothing but having her belly rubbed; this is a 50 pound dog,with a full hundred pounds of heart!
    SHTF, the dog loads first, all the rest is optional; she will cover my 'six', 24 /7, with no reguard to anything but my 'six' until told different!
    Imagine a 'road trip' without a leash, with three dogs, and 'no issues', for it's total duration, of over three thousand miles, and you are starting to 'get the picture'; we travel a lot, but have no issues, because these are of the finest works of God, albeit on four feet!
    They 'load up', or unload, on a word, and are more reliable, than most men;
    they will 'fetch' me anything they are asked to, and bring it to my feet, and hold it, right there!
    As much as I like knives, a good dog is a better tool,for survival.
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