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  1. Good Morning All,
    I am new to Rifle reloading. I have 2 Mentors who have educated me. But they have a difference of opinion, please comment. I am loading rifle for bolt guns, accuracy is the intent.
    For .308W, I am using a Redding Competition Bushing Neck Sizer & Comp. Bullet Seating Dies. I have been very satisfied w/ the results.
    I'm wanting to start loading .223R . My other Mentor says I should go w/ a Redding Type S bushing neck sizer die. ( & a comp.bullet seater die )
    I'm a bit confused on the differences/advantage/disadvantage. Comments, Please!
  2. KimberLover

    KimberLover New Member

    Nov 11, 2005
    I'll assume your asking about the differences between the Type S and the Competition neck sizing dies. The competition has the micrometer adjustment and the S doesn't. Otherwise, they use the same neck sizing bushings. Oh, one more thing. If you buy the "carbide kit" for smoothing the insides of the necks, they take different kits, according to Redding.

  3. Thank you. The Midway catalog did not show it that way & I did not have a redding catalog to reference. But that does make sense. I also brain-farted & prolly could have found the Redding website & figured it out! D'OH! :eek:
    Thanx again, Kimber
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