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    I'm a military buff and model builder. Over time I've run across a few good military weapons links.
    I thought I'd post them here.
    If anybody has any others please post them here.

    This first one is for Tranter.

    This site is mostly walk around photos and is kinda short on guns but has a lot of cool vehicles of all kinds.

    This is a link to Vietnam era helicopter units that were in country durning the war. Thanks to all these guys.

    This site is a link to late war German aircraft designs. Some of this stuff is pretty bizarre.
    Click on the manufacturers on th left.

    This site features colored drawing of WW2 vehicles,aircraft & ships.
    This is a very well done site.

    Military info. site, some guns, lots of vehicles. Usefull info on military surplus vehicle ownership.

    National Museum of the United States Air Force

    This is a site for the 8th Air Force fighter groups of WW2. This site will give you the history of every aircraft used by the fighter groups, and the pilots who flew them. Click on the group number at the top of the page.

    Military aircraft site.

    Just about everything military. Good site.

    Aircraft site that is tracking military aircraft history by ser. number.

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  2. Nighthawk

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    thanks - appreciate it
  3. Marlin T

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    Wow Art, how many months/years did it take you to put together that list?

    Very impressive for sure and big thank you goes out to ya!
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