Reloading equipment that works well

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    I like to deprime and clean my brass before inserting primers and loading powder and bullet.

    On large pistol and revolver loadings have used the Lee (hand) Auto Prime. Used large and small primer modes so much that they seem to be getting a little tired but still work.

    Enters the RCBS Hand Priming Tool # 90200. This tool does exceptionally well on smooth rapid priming...and I do mean quick. It has a built in safety feature of a squeeze slide bar that seperates the primer to be loaded from the rest of the primers in the adjoining tray...impossible for multi primer detonations.

    Comes with large and small primer plugs to help you load both types of primers. The seating ease of inserting the primers is a real I've seen so far.

    I'm really glad to have gotten this tool it helps make large lots of brass processing easier.


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    Yeah GG.....that's the way I do it too. I deprime, wash, tumble, & wash again.

    I do my priming in front of the TV (usually Monday Night Football) with an old Lee hand loader.

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    I have been loading like mad.I've got rounds tumbling,fired rounds waiting for tumbling,cases needing trimming, cases primed,cases waiting for priming,and finished rounds.
    ordered the rcbs piggyback unit,making rounds one at a time takes twice as long as shooting does.
    I had to find a faster way.
    any idea how fast a basic progressive press will make rounds?

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    Don't have any idea about the piggy back thingy on how fast it will load them rounds for you, but heard its a kind of cranky to fuss with...good luck with it though.

    If it gives you too much trouble...think Dillon and get a catalog, they'l even tell you how many rounds it will crank out in an hour. Hornady has a nice unit too.


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    I can get at least 500+rounds an hour with my Hornady when I have everything there and set up properly.

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