reloading military brass

Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by bassketcher, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. bassketcher

    bassketcher New Member

    Feb 17, 2006
    north idaho
    I got some military 30 06 brass with some other stuff and was wondering if it was OK to reload

  2. Mark

    Mark New Member

    Jul 1, 2006
    I have experience with military 30-06 brass.

    1. Make sure the brass you have is boxer primed. There is quite a bit of berdan primed brass around. The berdan primed stuff has the primer cup built into the case. Cut a base off a case and look at the flash hole. If you have one central flash hole it's probably boxer primed, two or more flash holes indicate berdan primers.

    2. Get yourself a Lee decapping tool. This is a rod with a stem that goes into the case mouth. Now the case and rod fit into a little base, and you give the rod a whack with a hammer to drive out the crimped in primer. Yeah, it sounds Mickey Mouse, but you only have to do this once. If you use the decapping pin in your 30-06 die, it will probably break trying to push past the crimp.

    3. Make sure you clean the primer pocket at this point. Scrape out all the crud.

    4. Remove the crimp that held the primer in. It seems that everyone makes a special tool for this, but I've never used one. I have a 3/8 diameter, "zero flute countersink" that I chuck in an electric drill. I simply put an 82 degree chamfer around the primer pocket where the crimp is. This cuts the crimp away, leaving a nice lead in for the new primer. This is not a critical operation, but you must cut away all the old crimp. Too much chamfer and the cartridge will look funny.

    5. Take an old 30 cal cleaning brush and wrap some 0000 steel wool around it. Chuck this brush in your drill and clean out the residue in the case neck. Just stop when the inside is clean, don't overdo this.

    6. Run the case into your 30-06 full length size die. Of course, you have to lube it. Make sure you put a very small amount of lube in the case neck to lube the expander ball. If you hear it squeak, and feel resistance when the ball passes through the neck, you need more lube.

    7. Tumble the brass to clean it. My recommendation is crushed walnut shells. Corn cob media takes FOREVER. DO NOT USE BRASSO OR ANY OTHER BRASS CLEANERS THAT CONTAIN AMMONIA!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ammonia somehow makes the brass brittle, and your case life will be very short if not non-existant.

    Now you are ready to load the cases. Remember this is a different component than comercial brass, so you will have to work up a new load.
    FYI, I came across a boatload of brass years ago headstamped "SA 42". Using the above method, this brass has given me good service. Properly handled, I haven't found much wrong with military brass.

  3. bassketcher

    bassketcher New Member

    Feb 17, 2006
    north idaho
    Not sure I want to mess with the military stuff , Don't havr the experiance or the equipment .

    They hade several headstamps ,(KA 73-KA 72- KA 70-K 53 - FN 62- LC 69-) guess I will just put it back on ebay.

    Lucky there were only 64 mil type.

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