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  1. Cliff

    Cliff New Member

    I have a 7.65x53 that I am having the pits in reloading. I have to a two step sizing on it. I have to completely resize it, then I have to put the expander ball in place and just expand the case. I absolutely cannot resize the brass and expand in same step. Also, the bullet seat/crimping die will not crimp the bullet enough to keep it from turning. Can't pull/push the bullet around but it still will twist in place. Even when crimping on the cannelure it will not crimp on the bullet. If I set it down going in small steps, as in a 5-10 degrees turn of the crimping part of the die, leaving the seating part of the die not touching the bullet, it will mushroom. It is either "mushroom" or "bullet will twist". Wondering about going ahead and loading a half load of powder and just fireform it and then doing the motions again.

    I have been using '06 shells to make the new 'resized brass' and when it is loaded with the bullet where it turns will load into the chamber as a brand new shell would. I may just say flub that tub and just load all I want and then just shoot it like that. I have made many a cartridge w/o powder and primer, smoked them and gone from there. The cartridge appears to be on the money when doing this. By the way, I had 19 Norma cartridges and when they were reloaded they spun in the brass also. Now I do use a crimper also but it will not crimp w/o mushrooming.

    When setting the dies as the books call for they just aren't doing the job. I got these RCBS off of the ebay deal. Have sent several messages to the gal, rather a female name, but have had not returned any off them. I have both RCBSs and LEe's in my sets of dies and this is the first time I have ever had any trouble with any die set.

    Send em back and risk them sending a new set back, and then they will be acting as if the ones sent back to me are the originals I sent them. Then they will say, "Fella, do it right and they will come out right".

    Really I could take the razing like that if the dies will work.

    Suggestions anyone.
  2. inplanotx

    inplanotx Active Member

    Jan 28, 2002
    Cliff, since these are used dies, have you checked them for anything stuck up in them? I would take some brake cleaner and give them a good dousing to see what comes out. Is this a rifle cartridge? Let me know and you might also want to call RCBS. I bought a set of second hand dies several years ago and spoke with their technical support. After all was said and done, they took them back and replaced them. Free of charge!
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  3. Cliff

    Cliff New Member

    I will try the cleanout on them and see what goes on from there. These are rifle dies, 7.65x53 Argetntine.
  4. inplanotx

    inplanotx Active Member

    Jan 28, 2002
    Cliff, stupid question time. Are you trying to reform brass one pass on a full length resizing die?
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