Remington 870 Wingmaster vs 870 Express

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    My question is as follows?

    Other than price and finish, are there technical or mechanical differences/advantages between the 870 Wingmaster and 870 Express.

    After all, the Wingmaster is almost twice as expensive as the Express...!

    I`ve heard and read different opinions but I`m looking for the bare facts...

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    Re: Remington 870 Wingmaster vs 870 Express
    I think there is a huge differance between the new models and the old models of both.

    My personal experiance with the Express is, it is junk the only thing in the world with a rougher action is a Mossberg 500. I sold my Express.

    I have been shooting shotguns my whole life and could not submit myslef to shooting such a rough shotgun. Plus mine jammed every time it was shot. I know I am in a minority with this opinion as there are scores of 870 Express people out there who love them.

    There is a differance between the Express and the Wingmaster in smoothness of operation on both the old and new ones. But I think an old Express is smoother than a new Wingmaster. Pick up a old Wingmaster and compare it to a new one. My dad has a 16 ga. Wingmaster that is a dream in the smoothness of the action and fit and finish.

    For about the same money you can get a Benelli Nova. It is a superior shotgun to the 870 Express. (It pains me to say this stuff about Remington)

    Life is to short to shoot cheap guns unreliable guns with rough actions, you will be better off to get the Wingmaster. The Express is almost scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    However Remington has had a huge problem with its screw in choke installation over tha past couple years. If you buy a new one remove the barrel and look down it from the breech end and you can tell if the choke is installed crooked or straight. I was looking at new Remington shotguns one day and 3 of 5 were visibly crooked. This is supposed to be fixed but some of those might still be out there.

    Before everyone beats me to heck about these two shotguns, I realize many people like them and have good luck with them. I am just submitting my experiences and feelings about them.

    Ignorance is a crime in 49 states. In the other one it is bliss.

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    Re: Remington 870 Wingmaster vs 870 Express
    No argument here piggy...I agree totally.

    I have 2 wingmasters...a really old 20. ga and a 1970's 12 ga.

    Both have had more rounds through each than I could even estimate...all without a single problem. The actions are smooth as silk, fast and reliable.

    I had a shorty express for a VERY short time, with the same experience as you describe.

    As you indicated, it pains me to say that about Remington. There are several remingtons in my collection and I have always found them to be wonderfully reliable...except for the express and a .243 auto loader I had once.

    My favorite thing about them is that there are so may out there that you can get them for relatively cheap $$. I'd buy an old one and spend the extra $$ on shells!!!1
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    From a newbie`s point of view... buying a shotgun can become a very confusing question.

    It`s like buying a car I guess. You read the reviews, you talk to people, you even take a few test drives...but you still can`t make up your mind.

    I think my best bet is to save a little more $$$ and buy the shotgun I feel is the best for me. There are many good shotguns to choose from...

    With a little more $$$ I get the luxury of buying the one I want.

    Just like buying a car....!

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    Re: 870 Wingmaster vs 870 Express

    Everyone's Doing It!!!
  2. pchev

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    Jan 18, 2009
    I've been shooting trap and skeet for about 40 years, using an 870 Wingmaster trap gun for trap most of that time. I'm a retired tooling engineer.
    The observational differences between the Wingmaster and Express are correct.
    The machining and manufacturing process of the 870 Wingmaster far exceeds the Express. For that reason, you have a higher degree of tolerances and quality control.
    This gives the 870 Wingmaster its smoothness that some have talked about.
    And the fit and finish is superior to the Express.
    Remington needed to compete in pricing to a lower end market, hence the lower price.
    You get what you pay for in gun quality. My Wingmaster 870-TC trap gun has a Monte-Carlo stock and for end that is number 1 grade walnut with a very deep finish. The blueing on the receiver and barrel is still the same as when I bought the gun.
    Its a quality gun that has continued to work without any problems for about 15 years. I've shot maybe 15,000 rounds through this gun. That's about 40 rounds of trap a year.
    I also bird hunt with an 870 Wingmaster.
    I shot my son's Express about 8 yrs ago, and I handed it back to him and said no thanks.
    My shooting experience tells me to suggest, 870 Wingmaster.

    To be fair, I also shoot Remington 1100, skeet and trap guns as well.
    For tournament trap , I prefer the 870 Wingmaster. Its just that good...
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    I have always wanted an 870 Wingmaster® 12ga [or 16ga would be super] in a LH version. By the time I was able to purchase a shotgun, the Wingmaster® was only available in RH configuration. Ergo, I had to be satisfied with a LH 870 Express.

    I now shoot with an 1187 LH Premiere in 12ga. It is almost as nice as my older 1100, which was RH but did not affect my vision when it ejected the casing.
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