Repeal birthright citizenship?

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    Jan 29, 2011
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    in all cases where a person from another country, (not just mexico) commits a crime not a felony and not causing bodily harm to a US citizen, the official response is to deport them, as the US has no desire to claim jurisdiction over a foreign national. therfore they are not subject to said jurisdiction. following our own governments logic those children cannot be citizens as their parents do not qualify for jurisdiction.. if they did then we would NOT deport them untill they had paid for the crime as does a REAl CITIZEN!

    WHILE I FEEL FOR THOSE ANCHOR CHILDREN HERE NOW! i still feel that they are not a citizen..if they wish to become one, we do have a way they can become one...but they must go through the do any less SPITS in the face of all those who sacrificed so much just to become a citizen!

    justice in these cases would truly be served by fairly addressing the concerns and rights of the current citizens of our country..its time we the people request our government to allow a NATIONAL VOTE. we should be tired of having our minds made up for us and insist we have voice in such a far reaching national policy...LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK!! QUIT SECOND GUESSING US!! ASK US WHAT WE THE PEOPLE THINK AND FEEL! dont allow a few special intrest groups to speak for the majority~~

    off soap box now! next??
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