Report on the Indy 1500 today

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    (Ignore the other thread, I should have started a new thread , and forgot how or IF I could delete it from there so this is a copy...)
    Edit: I removed it from the other thread for you. -- SoMo

    Well, I'm back from the show, and here are some observations/comments.

    First, no, I didn't really buy anything except new sunglasses, I would have IF I sold the M39 off my back, actually had it sold to a nice young Marine reservist who believe it or not, actually maybe DID "know it all" (Oh, to be 19 again and know what I know now!)who needed to go borrow an additional $25 but then came back and sheepishly said his buddy wouldn't loan it to him...

    (1) You guys that wanted an S&W .500mag but couldn't come up with the grand or so it took to buy one new? Don't worry, I saw MANY "slightly used" ones for sale from $700 to $750. "Hey Bubba, try that first shot with that new wheelgun one-handed..." :D

    (2) I saw MANY 91/59s for sale, what gives? :confused: Are they back? (And LESS Mausers of any kind for sale too, Hmmm. Maybe for the first time I saw more MNs than all Mausers combined...)

    (3) Just HOW MANY AR-7 PISTOLS did they make anyway, I'm not sure I saw ANY for sale before, new or used, but I saw at LEAST 3 used ones for sale today. :confused:

    (4) WHO would mount a Soviet PSO sniper scope on a perfectly good wartime Sako M39? And ask $550 for it? Of course it was right next to one of the many 91/59s with one mounted too, for $350... :eek: :mad:

    (5) Is it TRUE that in Indiana you can apply at a booth for a South Carolina carry permit, and "in less than 3 hours" get your permit that allows you to carry in 44 states? I SAW the line at the computer, and I heard the announcement later, I MAY not be sure of the STATE, I didn't start listening until halfway through, and they only announced it once that I heard while I was there, (but I DID hear to apply by 3:00pm. to be sure to get it before the end of the show today at 6:00,) but it sure wasn't Indiana! :eek:

    (6) WHY did I see MORE Garands today than EVER? One table had over THIRTY nice ones, only 3 or 4 UNDER $1100. But lots of others all over the show for $795 through $895. I'll bet I saw 150-200 Garands for sale if I saw one... :confused:

    (7) What would make you feel more uptight, the more than normal amount of "inner city guys" with pants halfway down their butt and caps on backwards, looking at "nines?" or the number of "young white kids with issues," dressed all in black, with many "tatts" and looking like a tacklebox exploded in their face looking at the throwing stars and exotic "Made in China" dragon blades? I saw MANY more than normal of each least today I didn't see the obligatory "men of obvious middle east descent" looking at AKs like I usually see.... :eek:

    (8)Is $750 for a "Police Model" FN Browning A-5 with 8 shot mag approx. 20" barrel and FULL LENGTH wood handguard covering the whole mag tube high? I never saw one before, I LOVE those hump backed Brownings though... :cool:

    (9) Is $225 or $250 (There were two) "cut-down" to "riot" configuration take- down Remington Model 10s too much? (If I sold the M39, I JUST might have come home with one of them to compliment the '97...)same guy also had a "cut-down from full" Model 12 too for $295...a guy after my own heart, LIKES "short" shotguns, and buys all he can get that were bastardized with polychokes, or have split or burst barrels, and cuts them down nicely...and seems to sell them reasonably too... :)

    All in all it was a nice show, NOT as big as the last couple January shows, but saw many things I never saw before, like a Type 99 original sniper, more broomhandles than I ever remember seeing, a Hotchkiss MG mounted. and much other neat stuff.

    Plus I had a pleasant conversation with a "budding' MN collector from Ohio who just got his CRFFL, and I invited him here.
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    SW MS

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    Thanks for a good and full report, Polish.:)
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    May 22, 2004
    I have got to get me a new calendar for this year. I coulda swore the 1500 was last weekend.


    Great report.
  5. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    SO Hank, what did you find when you showed up last week, the "Cat Show?" :eek:

    I remember one time years ago there WAS a 1500 at the Marsh Pavilion and right next door they HAD the "Cat Show" at the south pavilion, and my son got a kick at how many 'Cat-the "other white meat..." etc etc bumper stickers were selling at the show, and wondered how many "Cat People" cars in the lot just might be unknowingly sporting those stickers on them when they left the fairgrounds that night... :D
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    May 22, 2004
    I've been busier than a one handed rope climber. I didn't have any funds to buy anything and didn't have all day to stand around trying to get a fair price out of anything I've got for sale. I didn't go at all.
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