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  1. This is for anyone whose had experience with this sort of thing. My trusty old '53 has the pin that holds the trigger come a little loose. Also, I get the smallest bit of play if I push the barrel backward. I can feel the mainspring move a hair. It's probably been shot so much in 56 years that it's loosened up.
    My question is: has anyone ever returned their gun to Ruger for a tune up? I would want them to replace worn parts and springs, etc. I'd hate for them to reblue it or otherwise screw it up. Suggestions? TJ
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    Write them. Tell them what you want done.

    I wrote them about shippng my Mark I liberty gun to be fixed. They sent me shipping instructions (it's been a while, but I think they sent me an addressed shipping container). I had previously modified the front sight. They didn't mess with it.

    I sent on OM Blackhawk back for work, and told them, when I wrote for shipping instructions, that I did not want the conversion done to it. They wrote back and said any OM that comes in gets converted. I sent them the gun, they fixed it, converted it and sent it back. Also sent the old parts back. When it got here I de-converted it. Tossed the new parts.

    So, write 'me first and tell 'em what you want done. See if they'll do that, and only that, with no reblue, since your gun has earned its worn look.

  3. Once again Alpo, thanks for your advice. TJ
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    Ugly Sr sent my mini back for a tune up before I got it off him. He had to get somethin done to it I cant remember what now but at any rate he sent them a letter along with the firearm and they left the finish alone. They did call him with suggestions though. You should be good on that aspect.


    Jan 28, 2009
    As above get the facts before you part with it. If Ruger deems it unsafe/unrepairable, they will keep it and then ask if you wish to upgrade for a small charge. It will be the lawyer MkIII pistol. The pin you refer to comes loose on the MkII series too.
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    I returned a Mark 1 because it wasn't cocking properly. They completely tore it apart, replaced a half dozen parts ,repared the problem,oiled & re asembled all at no charge. Cant beat that
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  7. I just received my "estimate" from Ruger. Sadly for me, at least, Ruger does't do things for free:(. But any way: a Barrel/Receiver Assy; Bolt Assy Complete, Disconnector; Ejector & Rivet; Hammer Assy; Safety Complete: Sear Sprng; and Trigger Pivot Lock Washer for the grand total of $136. Well, it is an "oldie." What do you think? TJ
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    With a Barrel/Receiver assembly you will be effectively getting a new pistol!

    Ruger has always refused to separate these parts and they are legally the pistol. I infer you will likely get back a pistol with a different serial #. it looks like they are going to reuse the Luger style lower (handle) and replace all parts with any noticeable wear. Mechanically, it should be like new.

    As to what to do, that must be up to you.
  9. Called Ruger to make sure that the Barrel/Receiver were not replaced. As Hammerslagger has pointed out, that would make it a new gun and new serial number. They assured me that that they were not replacing it, just refurbishing it. I will receive the same pistol I sent, just new parts, non-cosmetic. That had me going for awhile. I didn't want to lose the old '53. TJ
  10. Well, I am happy to report that I just received my old '53 back from Ruger's repair shop. I couldn't be more pleased. Nothing on the outside has been touched, no re-blue. I did get an old style bolt, complete and looks new. They sent the old one back complete with springs, ejector and everything. Got a new hammer, safety, safety detent plunger and spring, and sear spring. They put and old pair of grips with logo on the safety side (which I replaced immediately with it's walnut grips). She cycled just as an old pro should. Beautiful. I'd do it again. TJ
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    Teejay, thanks for the follow-up. I'd say several of us that have old Ruger's are happy to know of the 'factory' option.
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