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  1. GMFWoodchuck

    GMFWoodchuck New Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    Binghamton, NY
    People make me laugh with these reviews. I was on Midway checking out product reviews. I find it totally amusing how one guy can say a Hornady powder dispenser is the best thing on earth and another guy says it's total junk and that it reacts with powder!! That seems to be a bit much for me to believe. I don't have one but that's a stretch to me. Or the people griping that the measures won't do within a .1 grain. Most are only advertised to do within .5 grain. Why expect more than what a machine is advertised to do?

    It's the same with every thing on that site. People are a funny bunch. I think most of the negative responses are from silly people who expect magic from their equipment.
  2. JohnTheCalifornian

    JohnTheCalifornian Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    I read reviews of products too to get a better understanding of the quality. I always look for the reviews that are bad because I want to see what went wrong or what is bad about it. Usually people give bad reviews just as you stated. They expect it to do something that its not supposed to.

    I will say I have stopped by Sportsmans Guide a couple times to look at what they have to offer and the reviews (of all the ones I read) were all 100% positive. Thats too good to be true if you ask me and sounds to me like they are filtering the reviews so that only positive ones make it out so that people can read them. At least Midway does a customer right and posts reviews of the products they sell, either good or bad. Helps us all to make better decisions.

  3. bucksnducks

    bucksnducks New Member

    Sep 20, 2009
    I recently placed an order with Sportsmans Guide and they delivered 100% on the products that they had on hand. Unfortunately, they did not deliver on products they were advertising in the catalog I ordered from or the one I recieved after I placed my order. Bait and switch ? I do not believe in offering for sale anything that I do not actually possess.:mad:
  4. LDBennett

    LDBennett Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2003
    Hesperia, CA
    I wonder if "reacts with powder" refers to the darkening of the plastic reservoir? Hey, they all do that, regardless of the manufacturer! As long as you can still see the powder level who cares if the plastic reservoir is not crystal clear?

  5. GMFWoodchuck

    GMFWoodchuck New Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    Binghamton, NY
    I don't know but they made out like it was a massive chemical reaction that threatened their safety. LOL. I'm sure it's just a darkening of the plastic like you said.
  6. gdmoody

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    Sep 7, 2007
    Athens, Georgia
    I also read all of the reviews on most of the items I order from Midway, well actually I try to find a review section on all web sites. I don't know it any of you all buy or sell stuff on eBay. I do buy and sell there, I love to read the "feedback" on any seller before I buy and will not buy from anyone who doesn't have at least a 99% rating.

    Anyway, what I am getting at is that when I look at a negative feedback, I look at the feedback rating of the person making that negative comment. I guarantee you that most negatives are given by people who are new to eBay and don't understand how things work. You can't buy an item online and expect the item to be in your hands immediately, and the silly thing is, some people do!!

    I agree that people are expecting miracles from the thing they buy and I will guess that the folks who give the bad reviews on Midway are probably new reloaders or shooters and are probably very young and impatient folks anyway. I'm not saying that all young people are impatient, but older folks have learned to be a little more patient with things in general.

    All right, sorry for the rant!!
  7. army mp

    army mp Member

    Jan 30, 2009
    western Pa,
    I also read the reviews at mid-way. Before I make a new purchase. I use the reviews like a line , From the Move Training day. The actor makes the statement.( I read the news paper knowing that its 50 present BS. Its my job to dig threw the BS and find the half that’s true. ) Same thing with reviews.
  8. Terry_P

    Terry_P New Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    If there is one person po'ed at the product I generally ignore it if there are several positive however if there are several negative then I pay attention.
  9. Oldeyes

    Oldeyes Active Member

    Oct 13, 2006
    Just several months ago I sent back to Sportsman's Guide an overall fairly positive review of their 11 grain plastic bulleted and plastic cased .308 range ammunition of German origin. Ostensibly the ammunition has a maximum accurate range of 320 yards. Personally, I think that 320 yard accuracy claims for an 11 grain plastic bullet at a 4,000 FPS muzzle velocity are pushing reality just a bit. It worked relatively well for me out to 150-170 yards. Additionally, I also indicated in my review that the ammunition did not fire reliably in all types and brands of as delivered from the factory bolt action rifles. (The plastic cartridge casing is not even one of SAAMI neck, shoulder and case dimensions.) However, I also indicated that since the plastic practice ammunition was absolutely dirt cheap I was pleased with its overall performance and would purchase it again. SG sent a confirmation email back to me thanking me for my review, but when last I checked (just this morning) my thoughtful pro and con review never made it online.
  10. Suwannee Tim

    Suwannee Tim New Member

    Feb 11, 2009
    When I buy something off Ebay, Auction Arms or that other site, I want to see the negatives. I have seen a seller with 25% negatives which turned out to be one vindictive person. I can often tell more from the negs than the positives. Lots of times the negs are BS and you can tell. I am very cautious with someone who has few feedbacks but once or twice I have gotten a pretty good deal. Last week bought a HW75 air pistol off a guy downstate who had no sales and a couple of purchases. I went to the Pasco County Property Appraiser's web site and found the guy was living in a million dollar house. My buddy's kid bought a motorized scooter off ebay and it turned out the guy was local, living with his parents in Queens Harbour where all the NFL players live. The scooter was a scam. Keith took the thing back to the guy's house. Daddy gave Keith the money. I guess he didn't want Keith to make an issue of a fradulent business being run without a license in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in town:D
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