RIA xt22 1911 review

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    Feb 27, 2012
    I got my RIA xt22 on wed. Took it home and cleaned it. fit and finish was good. disassembly a little different than a 1911 but very easy to do In some ways dissamebly was more like a ruger p series. slide does not lock back when gun is empty (I put a 45 mag in and racked slide slide stop worked) due to the mag design.

    Thursday range day loaded up truck took RIA xt22 ruger MKII ruger single six and 2 dan wesson 357's I took the extra guns in case I got frustrated during breakin started out with cci mini mags after loading mag looked at rounds in coutout of mag and thought no way will this work. They did not seem to align very well. All 10 loaded and fired just fine went through a 100 cci mini mags with no problem. After 100 tried some other ammo rem golden bullet was hopeless multiple fail to fires. federal lightninig was to light to cycle action cci blaser was verry good. went back to mini mags and shot another 100 again no failures. I was shooting a target at 15 yards. Shooting fast to breakin the gun kept all rounds in a 6 in circle with the center gone

    Improvements needed for me better sights and a set of hogue finger grips will write more later and will try to get pictures Randy
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