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    Hello all,

    I'm new to guns. I'm totally green.

    I was wondering if the steel shot inside birshot or buckshot tends to ricochet after striking things harder than oak wood. My concern applies to home defense, in that, if I fired at an intruder and missed, could not the shot ricochet off of hard wood or metal and come right back at me?

    Thanks for your response....

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    Re: Ricochet
    Yes shot can richochet. Steel shot is worse than lead shot. I would not worry about it indoors to much unless you have metal walls, just hit the bad guy, I don't think it will bounce of him

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    First thing, do not use buckshot. Lead birdshot is the best-#8,#7-1/2`s. At indoor ranges, you will receive the maximum energy transfer for these types of loads. I love buckshot, don`t get me wrong, but the energy transfer is much-much less.

    Now, as far as ricochet`s go.....yes, it can happen-but bird shot will have lost most of it`s energy and I doubt it would even sting, provided your not neckid (hehe). You still have to aim.....this is the most important thing, because at indoor ranges, even with a open or improved cylinder....the pattern is going to be very small. Remember "center mass."


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    What LTS said. I keep low brass 8 1/2shot in my home defense 870 remington. I do not worry about over penetration. I do not worry about richocet's. I do not worry about not hitting my target.

    I worry about calling the cops and explaining the dead bodies of the bad guys. The legal bills would pile up quickly.

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    Re: Ricochet
    Bryant -

    One important lesson you should learn about "home defense" is that you DO NOT go around the house looking for an intruder. Your first concern is for the welfare of your spouse (if appropriate), your children (again, if appropriate), and yourself. Your first priority should be to gather all family members together (if possible) in a single room where you can close and block/lock the door. Get as far away from the door as possible, in the lowest position as possible. Only then should your weapon come into play, and then it would only be pointed at the door in the event someone tried to unlock it or brake it down. BUT DO NOT, by any means shoot through the door. Wait until the door is open and you can identify the target. All too many times it has happened where a thought-to-be intruder has entered their own home only to be met with deadly violence because the home owner did not identify the intruder (who was later found out to be a daughter/son or other family member).

    The reasons for not going throughout the house looking for an intruder are many fold and are centered around your (as the home defender) safety. Basically you want to protect (defend) your loved ones and yourself, not go looking for trouble and ending the situation with (deadly)violence.

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