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  1. Boris

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    Oct 1, 2010
    I have owned a few scopes in my time. To be honest when I buy a scope for a gun I plan on working over I go to walmart and get the cheapass BSA for $24.38 4x32. Never had a problem with any of them and they all take a beating. Only gripe is the crosshairs are kinda fat, but it makes it easy to see them in brush. I had a Leupold 2-7x32 rimfire special that had thin crosshairs that vanished in brush or anything other than a paper target. the BSA works better in this case.........

    Not sayin the others are a waste of money, just reporting the BSA cheapies are actually better than good enough and will take some punishment for how cheap they are...
  2. happyskeeter

    happyskeeter New Member

    Oct 4, 2011
    GunHugger _ However, I believe the actual lenses are made in Japan and then shipped out. Vortex is a good value especially the PST scopes and their great customer service/warranty.

    If you REALLY need to count on your scope 100% and can not be let down IMO Nightforce is the best bang for the buck out there plus made in the USA. Sure it is expensive starting for about $1400 but it is an incredible bargain for what you get. Most of what you get you never see (besides the quality of the lenses). It is one of the very few scopes that can standup to the recoil of 20mm anti-tank guns. Sure most of us do not need that but did you ever drop your rifle on a rock? For hunting where the deer do not shoot back a Bushnell 6500 is fine but if the deer are armed you will want the Nightforce.
  3. rcairflr

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    Jul 2, 2011
    Wichita, Ks
    I would love to put a Nightforce on my rifle, but there is no way I could justify the cost for just putting holes in paper. If the deer in this country ever arm themselves, then I will definitely get a Nightforece.
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