Right to Carry on the Left Coast

Discussion in 'The Constitutional & RKBA Forum' started by Radioman909, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Radioman909

    Radioman909 New Member

    Feb 28, 2011
    Left Coast of America
    If I am on my own property, in my house, on my porch, in my back yard, or in my front drive way, can I carry a loaded firearm on my side cancelled or open on my hip? Is that legal? I know if I step one foot off my land they (administration of Unjust Laws a.k.a. Police) can and will arrest me, but am I safe on my property?
  2. BETH

    BETH Well-Known Member

    Jul 10, 2009
    welcome to the forum, what state r u in California?

  3. JohnTheCalifornian

    JohnTheCalifornian Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    If you live in California, you can carry concealed while on your own property. Once away from your property, you cant unless you have a permit to carry concealed. As far as open carry, I have never looked into that. I would guess though, if you did open carry, the gun would have to be unloaded, which doesnt make one bit of sense. From what I do understand, the law states you can open carry in public, but you have to have it unloaded, most people that do open carry here, have their magazine in their opposite pocket of the side they carry.
  4. Country101

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    Feb 28, 2004
    NW AR
    Hey Radioman. Welcome to the forum.

    I'm not sure about your state's laws. Try looking here http://apps.carryconcealed.net/legal/california-ccw-state-laws.php to get a general idea about some of the laws there. Dont take this all as pure fact, since things may have changed or they may not be correct on something, but it will give you a start. You can also go to your state laws website(might take a little looking and look through some of the gun laws. That may take a little searching to do though, but would be more accurate. Hope this helps you.
  5. TheGunClinger

    TheGunClinger Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I dont know where you are but in Florida it is illegal to open carry, anywhere, I believe. I can carry about anywhere if concealed but I cant open carry. If you dont have a concealed weapons permit then it must be in a holster with a snap (while in your vechicle) and in plain view. It gets really confusing which is why you get a CWP.
  6. American Leader

    American Leader Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2011
    I'm surprised you can even own a picture of a gun in California!
  7. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

  8. BETH

    BETH Well-Known Member

    Jul 10, 2009
    thanks Pops i just found some info i needed on there
  9. hogger129

    hogger129 Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2009
    If on your own property, I would say yes unless you are near a school zone.
  10. I own guns and I'm in California, too, and have pictures to prove it. Concealed on your property, no problem if all is peaceful. Open carry, I wouldn't suggest it unless you out somewhere away from neighbors, kids, etc. A mother walking her baby in a stroller would probably call the cops, which would result, at the very least in you being wrestled to the ground with 3-5 200 pound men thumping you into a prone position shouting "Stop resisting!!" Wouldn't recommend it. TJ
  11. Crpdeth

    Crpdeth Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    Location location
    ... As long as there is no ammo in the frame.

  12. dons2346

    dons2346 Well-Known Member

    Having lived in Taxifornia for 30 years, I have to agree.
  13. redwing carson

    redwing carson Former Guest

    Dec 11, 2010
    western wyoming
    California has a very low ownership of firearms. I think around 20% NJ for instance has 12%. Wyoming has 60% and no bad gun laws. Gun owners in the low ownership states have very little political punch. Gun owners in these states seemed to fear the anti-gun left and are very careful about speaking out against the left wingers. Its about numbers and our fellow gun owners in California are out numbered. In 1838 when folks in Texas were pressed by an unfair Govt. other states rode to the Alamo to save them. Damn I wish we could still go help our friends.good luck:)
  14. RunningOnMT

    RunningOnMT New Member

    Nov 19, 2008
    Akron, Ohio
    I dont know what your local laws allow or dont allow but regardless it doesnt seem reasonable to me for any law to prohibit open or concealed carry on your own property. Of course cops everywhere have a tendency to investigate things they find suspicious or a potential danger to the community, but as long as you dont discharge a firearm I think youd be ok. Of course that's just my opinion and those are like noses; everyone has one.
  15. Cleaning your gun in the back yard would probably be OK, as no one would see it, but walking around with a Winchester 94 slung across your shoulder or revolver in hand in your front yard chances are the police would arrive very quickly. They would command you to drop the gun and you'd better comply. Pointing in the wrong direction could get you perforated, loaded or not. Police aren't going to know who you are and what your intent upon. (Why would you be carrying a gun in your front yard?). If you want to try this, please do so and let us know how it goes. My guess is a knee on your neck and your arms twisted at odd angles until cuffed. I'd bet even money on you never seeing the gun again. They could charge you with "Brandishing a Firearm in Public," or some other law. At the very least, you'll be doing a lot of explaining, have your gun confiscated until it's legality is established, and maybe a fine. Unless you live on a big piece of land out some where, don't do it, it can't be worth all that hassle that would come with it. TJ
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