Riot police break up clashes between gay marriage supporters and their opponents

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    Jan 11, 2010
    RIOT police broke up a heated clash between gay marriage supporters and their opponents in Martin Place, Sydney.
    Hundreds were involved in the rowdy stand-off after supporters of both sides rallied on the streets, waving placards and banners.
    But trouble flared when about 200 gay marriage supporters descended on a group of "sanctity of marriage" supporters - organised by the Christian Democratic Party - who had gathered to protest against changing the law.
    Scores of police, including the riot squad, stood between the groups as they exchanged a war of words. Trouble escalated when "sanctity" marchers thrust placards at their opponents.
    "They were trying to hit us with their signs and were calling us freaks and sinners," one gay marriage supporter said.
    Fearing a fight, police forced the gay marriage supporters to Hyde Park where they had organised a march through the city to Darling Harbour - site of the Labor Party's national conference.

    Earlier, a motion to change the party platform on same-sex marriage was carried on voices and another motion allowing Labor MPs a conscience vote on the issue was carried 208 votes to 184.
    Senator Wong said the "man and woman" in the street would recognise the decision taken at the Australian Labor Party's national conference in Sydney today.

    She said it was now a matter for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to show the same respect for marriage equality.

    "The question will be now, for those Liberal members who believe they are actually liberals, whether they will take this up as well," Senator Wong said.

    Federal minister Stephen Smith said it would be difficult for Mr Abbott to deny his MPs a conscience vote.

    "I'm not so confident that a change will be rejected by the parliament," he said.

    "I think Tony Abbott will find it very hard to impose his will on all his members."
    Gay marriage vote disappointing - Nile
    Christian Democrat leader Fred Nile expressed his disappointment and said one-time ALP luminaries such as John Curtin "turning in their graves"

    Mr Nile, who headed a rally against same-sex marriage as the vote was taking place, said he was not surprised by the result.

    "I thought it would happen, going by the lobbying and the penetration of the Labor Party by homosexual activists and homosexual individuals," he said.

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    here in Australia we have two main parties and a few smaller ones

    the labour party is the traditional working mans party , sadly now headed by socialists and stalinists and sided with the watermelon greens party ( green on the outside red on the inside) to take power because of the lack of support by the working classes here as they became too commo for most folks tastes

    the liberal party is the traditional business class platform

    the nationals the traditional party for the man on the land

    Christian democrats are just that, headed by the Reverend Fred Nile ( ex army , good bloke if a tad flaky )

    my nation is now screwed , we are now following the UN (socialist) format 100% if you know the vote will go against you take the vote away from the proletariat and create a new voting class

    this they did and now unless there is a unified voted against it to block it this will become law , but with the labour party and green voting for it , we dont have a chance now to say no

    the people are no longer a valid source of action , they do what they are told or else ..

    this government listens only to those who agenda allows the growth of socialist systems here

    and now because i say this , which is now classed as hate speech , i've broken the law ..

    big woop .. when injustice becomes law , resistance becomes duty
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    Jan 11, 2010
    oh and to show how nasty this mob is heres this

    KEVIN Rudd ( the prime minister who was doing a lot to fix things until this witch stabbed him in the back) has been airbrushed from Labor history, with Julia Gillard refusing to acknowledge him in a speech to the ALP national conference in Sydney yesterday.

    While Mr Rudd sat smiling in the front row of the Darling Harbour Convention Centre auditorium, Ms Gillard named and paid tribute to former Labor prime ministers since 1940 John Curtin, Ben Chifley, Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.

    The only names missing from the roll-call were Mr Rudd's and Frank Forde, who only served eight days in 1941.

    "It was about as subtle as dragging an elephant through snow," said a key Labor figure, who asked why the PM would risk inflaming tensions.

    The former PM also escaped the memory of Deputy PM Wayne Swan, who tried to compare Ms Gillard to every post-war Labor prime minister except Mr Rudd.
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