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Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Reply Rock Island Armory
    Ok, I now have the 1911 bug!

    I have made my mind up to start collecting 1911's and copies, so could anyone tell me about Rock Island Armory pistols, i have seen one on Gunbroker and it looks like a nice pistol, but i have no knowledge of them.

    Any info guys and gals?


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    Reply Re: Rock Island Armory
    I have shot one of these pistols and IMHO, you can do better for about the same money. They can be made to shoot well with some work. Unless you can tweek a 1911, I'd leave this one alone.

    Check out a Charles Daly, Springfield Mil-Spec, or Norinco. Lots more gun for just a little more money.

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    Re: Rock Island Armory
    Let me see if I can explain this delicately...


    If you start there, you'll know what good value is. Don't waste your money on RI Armory. IMNSHO Charles Daly is better, but I'd still save for the SA Mil SPec. $450 can get a new one and they are


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    Reply Re: Rock Island Armory
    Before you buy a Rock Island you might want to take a look at the new Auto Ordnance guns (NOT the old ones). AO used to have a bad name for turning out sub-par 1911s, but Kahr recently bought the company and has supposedly upgraded the product a lot.

    I haven't seen a new AO in the flesh, but it has gotten some good reviews in the gun rags. Of course every gun gets a good review in the gun rags, so that may not mean much. Kahr makes a high quality pistol under the Kahr brand name, so I would expect the new AOs to be pretty decent.

    I've seen the blued gun advertised for a lttle over $400. AO has a website, do a Google search if you're interested.

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    Reply Re: Rock Island Armory
    I am not a 1911 expert nor do I play one on TV, but my buddy has a Rock Island 1911 and it shoots everything he packs the mag with. FMJ or Hollow points. It is accurate as hell too. He did upgrade the grip safety and hammer, but the gun worked just as good prior to the upgrades.

    He bought his in a group purchase with 3 other guys. All 4 of them love their guns and shoot the hell out of them. They did get a good price at just over 350.00 each.
    So he cocked both his pistols, spit in the dirt, and walked out in to the street.

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    Reply rock island armory .45
    hello everyone i have a little something to add on the RIA
    1911 thing is its built on a charles daly frame and slide
    a buddy of mine had 2 of them and honestly it is a really good shooter BUT you will need to polish the feed ramp
    and get better mags wilson makes KILLER mags i shot both of them and they are really good shooters not a malfunction 1 the compact RIA sux badly though and in my opinion all compact .45's do thats just WAY to much mass coming out of that little gun just my opinion
    since i'm new here hello to all you 1911 nuts i see alot of you like the kimbers they are ok but i sorta lean to the colt i have 3 a gold cup trophy , a standerd 1911a1 pre series 70 the repo colt made, and a tricked out gov. w/ all wilson combat parts and barrel i look foward to yaking w/ all of you

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    Re: rock island armory .45
    Welcome outlawraven!

    A high quality compact is a fine pistol, I've had my
    Colt 3-1/2 inch since '95 and it performs outstandingly
    in all aspects and always has. A slight bit more muzzle
    blast, but a bit less bbl = a bit less velocity, which in
    turn = a bit less recoil.

    Nice to have you aboard!

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    (1/19/03 3:47:57 am)
    Reply i guess its just me
    thing w/ me is i had a couple of compacts and they all seemed to jam way to often. i have a buddy that has the colt defender just plain stock and you couldent give him a million dollars for it. i dont know i can see the plus of it being smaller as we all know the full size 1911 can be a bitch at times to carry concealed. i'm sure there are some fine shooting compacts out though but not my cup of joe i guess bud. this place rules i wish i would have found it years ago

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    Re: i guess its just me
    To each his own OR, whatever feels good for you is
    what's best for you.

    Glad you like the place, hope to see a lot more of you
    round here!


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    Reply Re: i guess its just me
    Hi Im3rd and outlaw raven.....welcome to TFF.

    Always nice to see newcomers (and especially 1911Nuts) contributing to our Forums.

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    Re: i guess its just me
    Not trying to give away trade secrets, but I always get a couple of good buys on subcompact 1911's each year from people saying they jam. Generally its a combination of heavy recoil spring, greater recoil, and insufficient grip which allows the gun to move around way too much during the firing cycle. Lock that shooting wrist and tighten up the forearm muscles and the quality 1911 subcompacts are just as reliable as the 5" guns.
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