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    Good points. They do make the case for backward thrust of the bolt. Which raises the question, for me at least, as to why it would've taken off in the first place. With my bubba'd 1905 MkII the bolt head was VERY firmly twisting against the left side of the receiver. If you manually pulled and twisted the bolt head into proper position - fighting the spring, and eased the bolt body forward, the head would begin to rotate into locked position, but only just. I'd say if fired in that position it probably would've unlocked, with resulting bolt blowback. As noted earlier, there was about a 1/4" gap between the face of the bolt body and rear face of the locking lugs when this condition existed. I was tempted to see if I could duplicate the condition by disassembling the bolt and trying to reassemble it to that 1/4" gap condition, but figured it's working the way it's supposed to - with about a 1" gap, so leave well enough alone. As also noted earlier, I am NOT any kind of an expert with Ross rifles, and in fact the bubba'd 1905 is only the second one I've ever seen - the first being a thoroughly botched sporterized MkIII back in the '60s. Interestingly, a few weeks after the bubba'd rifle ended up in our gun racks I ran across an unaltered US surcharge 1905 MkII*** in great condition with a really nice bore, accompanied by a US surcharged bayonet and scabbard bearing the same Winnipeg Cadet Corps rack number (on the scabbard) as the rifle. It, too, now roosts in our gun racks. Funny how these things sometimes work out.
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    That is certainly evidence that there was a problem with the 1905. Unfortunately, I no longer have the 1905 worked with, only a 1910, but I think I know who bought the 1905 and I will try to get it back and do some more experimenting.

    Thanks for the good pictures and info.

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